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Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow) with the use of a bow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bow_(weapon)), from Latin arcus. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat, while in modern times, its main use is that of a recreational activity. A person who participates in archery is typically known as an "archer" or "bowman", and one who is fond of or an expert at archery can be referred to as a "toxophilite"

If you like archery or want to learn to shoot archery and meet folks like you then join us. If you have ideas for events, that is also welcome.

More: This is promote archery. Most events will be kid friendly and some events may even be dog friendly. This is not a single or dating website, please respect each others boundaries and mean people will be removed from the group. Also do not send members unwanted emails or you will be removed as well.

Only Yes RSVP's are required and if you can't make it, we will see you next time.

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Thinking about buying a new recurve bow?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

If this works I just posted a link to FS Discount Archery and a 62" three piece recurve bow that I like.
Most adult females and youths can pull around 25 pounds. Unless you are very tall and that will change your draw length. With a recurve bow the more you pull it the more the weight is added at about 3 pounds an inch. It is the same if you are shorter, then it would be minus 3 pounds an inch or so.
This is also a nice beginner bow.

Folks: Always check your eye dominance before buying a bow.

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