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An ecosystem is a complex web of interdependent agents and relationships aimed to create and allocate personal and business value. The need for integration between intelligent devices , people and enterprises capabilities has become even more critical.ƒ Innovation, availability of big data, accesses to personal contexts and contexts evolution are some of the key drivers solution of humans and objects ecological communities. The current challenges in certain sectors, such as Health, Fitness, Energy and Environment, have created the need not only for integration, but a true network of distribute controls and information exchange. The new age of ecosystems In today’s digital world requires new technologies, a broad use of Big Data and Analytics Consumers are forming an ever-more insatiable desire for sophisticated and compelling experiences in all aspects of their lives.
To make real every mentioned we need an evolution of cloud architectural solution based on a system bus that manages messages in real time. To a higher level, agents are aggregated and integrated in groups that constitute the ecosystems.

Meetup scope
We want to create an active group to analyze the specific aspects of Ecosystems, IoT and Personal Big Data science. The objective is to discuss how a person can have a generalizable extraction of knowledge and recommendation from personal cloud data generated by his devices to improve the everyday life quality where the personal cloud is integrated in an ecosystem. The purpose of meetup is explore such complexities creating capabilities in a new and fascinating IT field.

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