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Visit the National Musuem of African American History and Culture
Excited to visit for the first time with my Evolving Queen sisters. I secured 6 tickets to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture for 11:00am on Saturday, December 15th. Early birds interested in breakfast and driving or taking the metro down together, please let me know. Photo credit: Alan Karchmer

National Museum African American History and Culture

1400 Constitution Avenue Northwest Washington, DC · Washington, DC

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    What we're about

    Evolution – any process of formation or growth
    Purpose – the reason for which something exists

    Are you evolving, transitioning, transforming into your purpose…the God-given reason you exist?

    Are you a woman in transition?…
    • Leaving a relationship where you gave your all and lost yourself
    • An empty-nester – you lived your life for and through your kids, now that they are gone, you don’t know who you are and what you want to do when you grow up
    • Looking for the missing piece in your life – not the husband, the kids, the house or the job… you’re missing your soul’s joy
    • Don’t know your purpose and long to know why you are here

    If you are any of those women above and want to create something different for your life; this group is for you!

    Hi, I’m Veronica, a Certified Life Coach and I am present to how much joy, contentment and peace I have now that I am aware of my purpose and I want that for everyone.

    Put down the people-pleasing, the self-limiting beliefs, the lack of confidence, the aimless wandering without a purpose.

    In this group, we’ll

    • Create an Inner Circle of support, confidentiality and accountability
    • Build lasting relationships with other women; enjoy sister circle fireside chats
    • Have workshops and trainings where we can grow, explore our soul’s purpose; learn to appreciate and practice self-care and intentional living; dispel limiting beliefs and create a positive mindset
    • Bond over dinner after movies; concerts; enjoy wine and outdoor music festivals, day trips and other events

    A variety of events will be posted. Some of the workshops offered will have a $5 entry fee to cover food and beverages. Other workshops will have a discounted price point for the Evolution to Purpose tribe. Queens will be financially responsible for their own participation in entertainment activities.

    As Queens we respect each other’s time and honor our word. Repeated no-shows and late cancelations will result in removal from the tribe.

    Let’s evolve and transform into our purpose together, having fun in the process.

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