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We have come to an unprecedented peak in our individuality and freedom and in order to evolve now we need to come together in new ways where “I” becomes “we” and we grow from the place of potentiality. This requires setting aside our desire for predictability. When we have reached a certain level of awakening, we experience that we are multidimensional beings. What we think and do rewrites the past and creates the future. Most of our essence expresses through subconscious conditioning and energetic programming. This group will be exploring the various ways we can live more consciously, more fully, as the Life that is living us. We are not seeking a state to reside in, nor affirmations to override the moment. Through compassionately-held intention and purpose, in the sustained relatedness of pure experience, our habitual nature evolves. Life is calling us to see the limitless potential in every moment. If you feel guided to unlock the mystery of radical intimacy, if you have the longing to not be afraid to be afraid, if you have a curiosity to embrace the multidimensional layers of yourself and experience what it would be like to live as a field, join us in this exploration. We will create a we-space through a brief meditation and learn precise tools to allow a deeper embodiment of consciousness that supports the movement of unconscious patterns. We will explore ways to integrate expanded awareness by attuning to frequencies offering greater evolutionary possibilities for relating. As we change patterns in our cellular memory, we release movements of creative energy that ripple into humanity.

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Free Intro to Evolutionary Relating - Emerging Paradigms

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

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