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The EvolveSec Meetup community is the cybersecurity hub for networking, learning and sharing. The third largest cybersecurity Meetup group in the world, expect to experience hands-on workshops, new insights from renowned experts, panel discussions, plus lively interaction from regular members and new attendees. Going strong since 2015, the EvolveSec Meetup serves as the place industry veterans and newcomers alike turn to for relevant and helpful cybersecurity industry interaction.

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Follow Along: Live Hacking SMB Demo

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1. Register for the Zoom webinar
2. Register no later than 24 hours in advance on our CyberLAB™ homepage to access the lab
3. Select the free course title “'Cliente' | Follow Along: Live Hacking SMB Demo" to enroll in the lab.
4. Log onto both on the day of the event.

About the event
Join us for a live demo of our proprietary simulation platform CyberLAB™ and get an insider's look at the actual environment our students utilize to hone their cybersecurity skills.

During this Meetup, Evolve Security Curriculum Developer, Eddie Hartmann, will share a lab from our OSCP Bootcamp called “Cliente" and demonstrate the entire hacking process from active information gathering to full privilege escalation. This demo will feature:

  1. The environment of a typical, vulnerable Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) service and how to examine it using popular tools such as smbclient and enum4linux
  2. Recommended methodologies behind exposing vulnerabilities to gain an initial foothold
  3. Local privilege escalation techniques to fully compromise the virtual machine

You can follow along with Eddie and perform the lab yourself at home or just sit back, relax, and listen to Eddie's insights! Make sure to register no later than 24 hours in advance before the event if you would like to follow along. We hope to see you there!

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Cyber Operations: Russia-Ukraine War

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