Scaling a Vendor Security Practice in a High Tech Company


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Join Nick Percoco ( (CISO of Uptake), Michael Allen ( (CIO of Morningstar) and Anders Norremo ( (CEO of ThirdPartyTrust) to talk about the best vendor security practices in high tech companies. We’ll be discussing hackers utilizing vendors as attack vectors, the NSA Vault 7 Toolkit, and strategic plans for the future.

For many companies, the process of gathering and managing third party risk profiles is laborious and time-intensive, with spreadsheets and file cabinets being the historical method of choice. Gleaning insights and patterns from this information is difficult, at best. Increased regulation is now also requiring companies to actively be apprised of their third-party entities’ cyber risk profiles and methods. Establishing a line of sight with each third-party entity’s Vendor Management and/or Compliance department is even more difficult. Similarly, establishing a formalized framework for the purpose of acquiring third-party cyber risk intelligence is extremely difficult. Regardless of the difficulty, the regulators will hold you accountable, and the penalties will carry hefty monetary fines (as well as adverse effects to your reputational and operational risk).

It is imperative that organizations implement a controllable, pragmatic risk management strategy. The most efficient strategy incorporates converged practices, collaboration, and relationship building at the third and fourth party levels.

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