A Hacker's Guide to Exploitation: Interactive Virtual Workshop

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** The guide to attend this workshop is at the bottom of description! **
CyberLAB: cyberlab.evolvesecurity.com
Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/733841680

The art of exploitation requires research, planning, and careful execution. In this session, Jim Holcomb will cover the hacker's methodology including how hackers and penetration testers identify vulnerabilities, conduct research, craft exploits, and get access to vulnerable systems.

We will use a mixture of automated and manual tools to successfully exploit a famous vulnerability and gain complete control of our target. The goal of this workshop is to break down the core components involved in exploiting a vulnerability as well as share some tradecraft regarding overcoming obstructions to successfully exploiting a vulnerability.

This is the FIRST EvolveSec Meetup that will use Evolve Security's state-of-the-art CyberLAB™ to allow attendees to participate in our lab-based workshop instantly through their browsers.

The Evolve Security development team has made learning cybersecurity a seamless process without needing to spend hours troubleshooting and configuring a virtual machine on your personal computer. Lab instructions on the left, instant virtual machine on the right - all from the comfort of your web browser.

This event will be LIVE-ONLINE starting at 11:30 AM Central Standard Time. See you there!

Here is your step-by-step guide to accessing Thursday’s virtual Meetup event:

Head to our CyberLAB Home Page (cyberlab.evolvesecurity.com) to register for an account to access your virtual machine for the workshop. Please register before the start of the event.

Click on the group titled ‘Meetup: Hacker’s Guide to Exploitation’ to get started at the time of the event.

Join our Zoom Room (https://zoom.us/j/733841680) to have access to our instructor’s presentation so you can follow along!
The Zoom Room/presentation will go live at 11:30 AM CST on the day of the event.

If you have any issues logging into CyberLAB, please send us a question in the Q&A section of our Zoom Room and we will connect you with support as soon as possible.