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Interested in learning about all things cybersecurity? Join EvolveSec - Pittsburgh Cybersecurity! EvolveSec Meetups are open to anyone who want to learn about the latest cybersecurity threats, start a career in the cybersecurity industry, or wants to network with cybersecurity industry professionals. Whether it's a hands-on workshop, a presentation from a keynote speaker, or a panel of industry professionals, this Meetup group is your hub for interesting and relevant cybersecurity topics. We look forward to meeting you!

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The Psychology Behind Cybersecurity Awareness

Online event

Thursday, Oct 21 at 1pm EST

Are you sitting at your desk and begrudgingly asking yourself, “Why do I have to take a cybersecurity awareness course every, single year?”

As mundane as cybersecurity awareness can seem, we cannot stress enough how important it is to understand the psychology behind security awareness. We want to give you the reasons why awareness is so important for you – the reasons you haven't heard about.

During this Meetup, Evolve Security's Business Development Manager Adam Rosenblum and Evolve Security Cybersecurity Academy's Analyst Eddie Hartmann, will give you the kind of information that basic cybersecurity awareness training just doesn’t provide.

This Meetup will:

1. Inform you about he “why” of security awareness that you can bring back to your team.

2. Help you understand the importance of counteracting your insecure cybersecurity habits.

3. Articulate the personal and professional responsibilities that come with security awareness.

About our hosts:

Adam Rosenblum is a Business Development Manager with the Corporate Training group of Evolve Security. He has been with Evolve since March of 2021 and has worked in cybersecurity training since 2018. He enjoys concerts, reading, gardening, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and exploring his current home city of Denver with his wife Elise and their two dogs, Zaphod and Hoover.

Edward Hartmann is a graduate of the Evolve Academy and now works for the same academy as a Cybersecurity Analyst. He had a background in the culinary industry and was able to leverage his successful Evolve Academy Bootcamp experience to transition into a cybersecurity career.

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