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This Meetup has many topics falling under the themes of higher consciousness, spiritual awakening, the human energy system, developing intuition, shamanic journey, sound healing, group energy healings, mediumship events, SoulCollage® and much more. SoulCollage®, a fun expression of the soul through creating "cards" with images, runs (normally) the first Sunday of each month. A group clearing with RYSE (Realizing Your Sublime Energies) runs monthly, and the very high Kriya meditation class runs Sundays every week from 5-6 pm. Judy as well as guest experts conduct groups with many themes.
All programs are held in a beautiful sunlit space in downtown Salem, MA, above Starbucks.
Join us for learning, sharing and inspiration! Events at this healing center help us to stay aligned and spread divine light during these challenging times, and also to serve the planet by spreading high group energy to Earth and all creatures.
Everything in this Meetup is meant to inspire us toward light, healing and awakening. See full schedule at www.AHigherBalance.com.
The Salem, MA weekly meditation group is another Meetup Judy runs, which announces the weekly Sunday meditation class, 5-6 pm.

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Daytime Kriya Meditation class

A Higher Balance

This is a donation only class for anyone, offering experiential practice in meditation, along with an opportunity to be among others interested in deepening spirituual practices. The class provides you with a felt sense of your own divinity; your Higher Self. The meditation, based on Kriya practices, is partly guided, partly silent. In the guided part we open up to the flow of golden light and energy that is always pouring down to our body/mind/heart and being. Accessing that flow and inviting it to fill us brings a profound level of openness, while washing away limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This higher vibration of unconditional love serves to open our consciousness to new levels of peace, joy and awakening. Bringing the flow of light into the body/mind/heart means we more consciously embody our Light Being, so we are more present, happy, forgiving, peaceful and joyful while in the world. This class also runs every Sunday, 5-6 pm.

Usui Reiki Second Degree Certification: two evenings

16 Front St.


This class runs Tues. and Wed., July 30 & 31 starting at 7 pm. This class is for anyone who is certified in First Degree Reiki, from any teacher. In this class you will learn and practice full Reiki sessions using the Reiki Second Degree symbols, learn and practice distance healing, and receive the Second Degree attunements. The Reiki symbols encompass form, color, movement and sound and are meant to increase power of the Reiki, balance the emotional body, and use for distance healing. Be a part of the growing Reiki community at A Higher Balance in this very fun class meant to strengthen your understanding and use of Reiki for yourself, others and the planet. Judy brings to her Reiki classes a depth of knowledge about accessing and sustaining your own higher vibration and loving presence while treating others. This class also covers how to work with intuition in a way that holds integrity while serving your clients. Whether you use Reiki for clients, pets, family, friends or yourself, this program magnifies your Reiki strengths, and also adds power and grace to all areas of your life. Judy teaches all levels of Reiki.

SoulCollage® gathering

16 Front St.


This is a simple and soulful collage process to express your many aspects of yourself. Come for community and creativity for your soul! We use 5x8 mat boards and you select from hundreds of images to work with. Depict your passions, your "inner personalities," your heart's yearning, anything you love! Use metaphors, like doorways, winding paths, gateways, bridges, to illustrate your life's journey. Animals indicate strengths we have or want. A journaling process allows you to find the deeper meaning behind your creations. Mat boards are supplied, along with scissors, glue, and stacks of images (snacks, too!). Bring any images you want to work with, but there are many available for your use. Space is limited. Please honor your rsvp. Thank you!

RYSE Group Energy Clearing

16 Front St.


A clear and open energy aligns your thoughts and feelings with your higher self. Everyone loves this group clearing. Expect to feel more peaceful, balanced, present and joyful. Before we begin Judy will offer a brief talk about what will occur during the healing. Following the clearing we will gather in circle and each select some cards as messages from our guidance. RYSE levels 2-4, leading up to your initiation to your soul's blueprint, may be received privately. RYSE means Realizing Your Sublime Energies. It clears the chakras, aura, male/female balance and more. RYSE brings about your next level of harmony, health and wholeness.

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Guided Kriya meditation practice

16 Front St.

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