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Greetings Evolving Souls,

I am honored to hold sacred space for many beautiful & radiant souls. Our meetup group is focused on Community Building which we have being doing for the past 10 years fostering self-awareness, self-improvement, health and wellness and overall growth on an energetic and spiritual level. The topics for discussion are varied and a majority of "meetups" are actually events happening in and around the Ottawa area which might be of interest to members of this group.

Be sure to contact us about SPONSORSHIPS. It's a great way to let others know about your events. We will give you not only the benefit of our Meetup with all its participants but also of our experience as entrepreneurs and mentors.

Sincerely, Judith Foner and Jeffrey Weinstein, organizers

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Distance Energy Healing Really Works!! Quantum Energy Healing sessions online

online by phone or skype



Private and one-on-one 30 minute appointments . Make yours now... Everyone has a bio-energy field.

As we work with this field to raise vibrations and induce healing on psychic, physical, emotional and psychological levels, you will feel tingling and warmth, and buzzing. In these personal one-on-one sessions , the transformation to health will begin as you feel a shift in bio- energy consciousness, vibrating at higher and faster levels than ever before.

This heightened energy shift gives you the boost to shift attention away from pain or trouble areas in your body and divert your mind to a higher plane of consciousness.

Your session will incorporate the following and include: 1) high vibrational channeled energy: I get into your bio-rhythms to give you feedback, suggesting where to redirect energy currents. 2) Breathing Exercises that will allow you to shift and balance your nervous system. 3) Meditation technique that will allow you to experience a higher level of being. We do this over the telephone or Skype, and it is amazingly effective since vibrations travel over the electronic waves readily. Contact me for more info and to make an appointment.

Introductory Special: only $40 for 30 minutes. http://quantumenergyhealing.weebly.com/ http://truelifepathinstitute.org/ https://www.facebook.com/TrueLifePathInstitute/

PSYCHIC reading. Confidential. Personal, accurate.

online by phone or skype

Your psychic reading...Is an experience in LOVE. Heightened vibrations connect us with loved ones, guides, angels and teachers. You'll feel it! Answers come quickly . I am a gifted psychic medium. Connecting with me is powerful and life-changing. I feel what you feel immediately as I enter your energy. Over 25 years experience with amazing results. Group or private sessions.

We'll connect online, on the phone, in person or by messenger and email.
MEET ME: https://youtu.be/agBjJn0BQtQ
https://judithfoner.com/mediumshipintuition.html https://www.facebook.com/TrueLifePathInstitute/ http://truelifepathinstitute.weebly.com/
predictions: https://judithfoner.com/blog1/

Mediumship messages from your guides and loved ones in spirit

By Phone, Online, or by email

Did you ever wonder what is waiting for us when we die? Our lifetimes are happening at once, past present and future. I can tap into this energy and give clarity on your own journey. When a loved one draws close, you'll feel light buzzing as "feel good" energy surrounds you.

Connecting with me is powerful and life-changing. I am an intuitive, clairvoyant medium. I was born with these gifts ,refined through near death experiences. I feel your guides and spirits around you, and you will too!.

For over 25 years I have been working as a teacher and channel for consciousness, creating a shift into higher unknown dimensions of reality for my clients and students, explaining the nature of personal consciousness.

MEET ME: https://youtu.be/agBjJn0BQtQ

Quantum Healing Online Event FREE: Heal from Trauma with interactive Q & A

online by phone or skype

In this FREE 60 minute session, I will explain Quantum Healing and how it is used in the spectrum of energy healing. I will discuss self-healing and give modalities to do this for yourself.

We will have a Q & A period, which will allow you to relate some of your own experiences and end with a guided Quantum Healing meditation. At the same time, you will find out about my amazing private Distance Healing sessions and the new Beyond Reiki Online course.

Bring yourself to the screen with any questions you would like answered. SEE YOU ONLINE!


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PSYCHIC reading. Confidential. Personal, accurate.

online by phone or skype

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