What we're about

At Evolving Me Academy we believe that the path of self-evolution is more fulfilling (and certainly more fun) when you choose to experience and share it with others. Joining this wonderful tribe of evolving beings, you will be supported to learn and grow, and create a new vision for your life.

Are you?

• Fed up with the status quo and desperate for change in your life?

• Wanting to tap into a new way of living an authentically happy and successful life?

• Wanting to create a new vision and understanding of your life and the world around you?

• Feeling that you’re being called to expand and shift into a new way of being?

• Feeling like something has stopped you from taking a big leap forward?

• Frustrated searching for a programme that helps you identify and embrace your purpose/calling?

• Looking for a group of like-minded individuals also interested in a path of growth?

If this is you, then you’ve arrived at your next place of life learning - welcome to the Evolving Me Academy Meetup group!

Hosting self-evolution / development events for both women and men, the Evolving Me Academy is a place where you can:

• Participate in unique, fun and meaningful events that will support you to grow and evolve who you are

• Try out various tools and techniques designed to help you live your best life

• Experiment with new ways of thinking, acting and being in your personal and professional lives

• Explore how you can be a real change-maker and leader in today’s world

• Interact in a fun and social group setting

• Be part of an evolving community where we challenge and support each other to:

- Delve Deeper to immerse ourselves in an ongoing programme of personal development and evolution

- Go Further to explore new territories of authentic living

- Reach Higher to have a positive impact on the lives of others and the greater world

COMING SOON - Be on the look-out for our next self-evolution / development Meetup event hosted by the Evolving Me Academy!

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