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Welcome to meetup Excellence and Personal Development group in Amsterdam.

As an individuals we see a lot of potential in you and we want to explore it! You have to be ready though... You to accept that you are meant for something more and you can become much more! We are talking here about your potential, as an individual, as a member of this society and a great business person.

All great people started out somewhere. Eventually they made some choices and stood by them despite everything.

Here are a few simple examples:

Just about everyone loves Kentucky Fried Chicken. However… were you aware that founder Harland Sanders was 58-years old, despondent, and had faced over 1,000 rejections before somebody tried his recipe?

Henry Ford is internationally famous. But did you know he filed bankruptcy three times before the Model T hit the road?

Everyone has heard of Disneyland. Even so… did you know its creator Walt Disney was fired from his first two jobs because his bosses said he had, ‘no creativity?’

We all saw Federal Express trucks pass us by on a road! Still, I bet you didn’t know that its originator Fred Smith, was told by a college professor that his dream to start a company which could ‘deliver mail overnight’ was a bad idea and would never work?

Everyone’s story is unique. Every person has the potential to be great, you just have to be willing to reach into your heart to bring out the greatness. After that, the sky is the limit.

We are here to explore that limit, to give and get advice. We are here to work together. So join us as you become part of something more, as you become more, and together there is limit to the imagination of what we can achieve!

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