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This is a group so everyone can keep up and in touch with the many events that we will be running at Excelsior comics and games. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to find your favorite event without having to guess or hunt around. So whether your looking to slay hordes of goblins or hordes of cryx, We are here to help satisfy your need. We are a full service comic and gaming store with current seating for 40 and that number is only going to grow. For the movie fans, we are putting the finishing touches on our own in house movie room. Our current roster of events include both casual and structured play Magic the Gathering, a planned dedicated board game day, a Warmachine starter box league (with endless possibilities), Role playing games in whatever systems we can find GM's for (if that's you, let us know) and an ambitious video screening schedule. More details to come. Suggestions are always welcome and we can't wait to meet you.

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Casual Magic

Excelsior Comics and Games

The prized gem in our gaming crown this is the event we have been running since the very start. Free for all ages, all levels of play. Oh, did I mention we are the store in Massachusetts that runs a truly casual, free event. Don't have cards, no worries, we have loaner decks on site, plenty to share, plenty to buy, and the ability to build you a custom deck from a collection of cards on site.

For the parents, you don't have to hang out all night and watch the kids play. We have plenty of adults on site and all we ask for is a way to contact you in case of emergency.

Come hang out, play a few games of EDH, maybe Modern or even Standard, and lets not forget about hoard. Anything and everything is welcome, except for Limited Resources.....

Friday Night Magic Booster Draft and Modern

Excelsior Comics and Games


Are you looking for a way to play Magic while meeting new friends and winning cool foil prize cards? Then Friday Night Magic is exactly what you're looking for! Here at Legends we run a weekly booster draft. The door fee scores you the ability to compete in the tournament, 3 booster packs, and puts you in the running for prize support including even more boosters and each month a different FOIL card will be given out. The cards often feature original flavor text and updated wordings.

Entry fee of $15 is required to play in this event. It will be collected at the time of the event.

Project Melee At Excelsior

Excelsior Comics and Games

Excelsior Comics and Games is hosting a weekly Project Melee tournament.

Venue fee will be $5. This is the come and play fee, this fee can be waved by the first two people who bring a setup. (Console, SD card, Controllers, and a Copy of Brawl.) WE DO NOT NEED TVs! We have 12 set up for you guys!

Pre-Regristration will be from 3:00 Pm to 3:45 Pm

Tournament will begin at 4:00 Pm and continue till a final victor is reached.

Tournament entry fee will be $5, and that will be paid out as prizes to the Top 3 in cash.

Parking is available behind the Jiffy Lube located at 3 Powder Mill Rd, Maynard, MA 01754.

Temporary parking for setup drop offs is available next to the building to the left when facing the building. This is not permanent parking.

Spread the word! Hopefully we can make this a regular event for all the smashers out there!

Questions comments or concerns,

Email us at


Smash happy!

Shall We Play A Game?

Excelsior Comics and Games

Free for All Board Game Day: noon-6pm Excelsior is committed to creating an inviting, family friendly, and game oriented atmosphere while promoting social interaction among people with the intention of bringing them together using games as a foundation of fun."

When customers walk through the doors of Excelsior they will be greeted with a question. Shall We Play a Game? This greeting is intended to politely challenge our customers to partake in one of the many games we sell. In accepting that challenge, we feel, our customers are allowing themselves to be exposed to the fun filled world of games as well as engage in social interaction with one of our highly skilled Gamemasters. Games are created for many reasons. Escapism through fun with others being one of the many.

Fun is the foundation of games. Games offer many things to many people. Escape, experience, relaxation, and social bonding. Being able to balance the stresses of life with the fun of games allows for an overall increase in the quality of life.

Social interaction is in the nature of humankind. For thousand of years people have been asking each other "Shall We Play a Game?" and we gladly continue this social tradition at Excelsior Gaming Lounge. Every Sunday we open our doors and Lounge to the community to join us in some of our favorites and to show off their own!

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Lets Play Strands of the Blue Rose

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