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What weโ€™re about

This real estate meet up will have four goals:

- Provide a platform for real estate investors of all experiences to network and get deals done.
- Provide a place where investors get education in topics they desire
- Provide a broader perspective on mindset, eliminating limiting beliefs and entrepreneurial growth
- Network! Network! Network!

While the meet up will have a specific concentration on multifamily real estate, investors from all asset classes should attend. The general concepts (flipping, buy and hold, cash flow, etc) cross all investment types.

Let's get together, network, and learn from each other!

See you soon,

- Xsite Capital Investment Team


About Xsite Capital Investment LLC

XSITE Capital Investment was created to bring exciting opportunities for financial growth to our investors through real estate investment. Further, it is our goal to inform and educate the community and our potential investors about the importance of creating a financial legacy for their families and future generations. In addition to producing attractive, risk-adjusted returns for our investors, we strive to enhance the life of every tenant, team member, and individual that comes in contact with our business.

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