💥💥The Exciting World of Multi-Family Investing Meetup & Networking💥💥

Exciting World of Multi-Family Investing Meetup & Networking
Exciting World of Multi-Family Investing Meetup & Networking
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About our Speaker:
Have you wondered what separates the companies that negotiate big discounts and those who fail to get the deal done? It’s simple: the biggest difference is they have a process.

Do you want to learn a formula of what to say, and how to say it? Steven teaches a philosophy of thinking about communication that helps get deals done! There is no silver bullet, but this month’s speaker has studied some of the greats and has hosted interviews and trainings with Chris Voss (the world’s top FBI hostage negotiator) and his team.

Steven has purchased over 200 houses in three years, buying every one of those properties directly from sellers. He has trained his own team on these subjects and has put his methods to the test. Join us as he’ll be sharing a few tips that he’s learned in a fireside chat, and sharing how he’s since applied these to the Multifamily business.

Steven is the host of the Investor Mindset Podcast, so make sure to take a listen before joining the meeting!
We are excited to have you join us at our meetup event. At this event, we have four goals:

- Provide a platform for real estate investors of all experiences to network and get deals done
- Provide a place where investors get education in topics they desire
- Provide a broader perspective on mindset, eliminating limiting beliefs and entrepreneurial growth
- Network! Network! Network!

While the meet up will have a specific concentration on multifamily, investors from all asset classes should attend. The general concepts (flipping, buy and hold, cash flow, etc) cross all investment types.

As this is a new meet up, we will determine if it's necessary to create niche groups specific to syndication or other areas of multifamily to cater to the apartment investors in the group.

We'll keep it simple for the first couple of meet ups - let's get together, network, get to know each other and brainstorm!!