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"Exclusive Events" (throughout So. Cal.) & " Dances " sponsored by Exclusive.Entertainment.org. held in banquet rooms and local facilities intent on stepping up the evenings entertainment.... No " DJ's " playing music files ... We are.. " Music Video EMCEE's " playing 3 types of music in Music Video Format... providing suspended large screen monitors throughout the room to view your favorite artists performing your favorite songs... Our music library is a MUSIC VIDEO LIBRARY.

***********TOP CONTEMPORARY HITS------------ 2014 thru 2000's
***********CLASSIC HITS---------------------------- 2000 thru 1980's
******** **OLD SCHOOL CLASSICS --------------- 1980 thru 1960's

Our first Exclusive Event of 2015 being a Music filled special event at the Rose Parade... New Years Eve... New Years Eve being described as Mardi Gras in California... We've been going to Pasadena for New Years Eve for over 40 years... as a large family group. Time to include it in our Exclusive Events calendar inviting about 30 people to attend the event. Videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel " Exclusive - Events "
Lots to do in life... come see what is on the Exclusive - Events Calendar. THIS YEAR

Exclusive Events is being organized to bring together a wide collection of motivated/imaginative people who share their talents and thrive on what is essentially that end event... Like watching a flower bloom... :) One of my contributions being capturing the creation of that event in Video format. For scrapbooks or a lifetime of memories... One example being "How it Began " on our Exclusive-Events YouTube Channel. One small example of what a collection of creative minds can envision.


Who should join??? :) Do you play well with others... :) Have a thinking mind and crave just plain having fun... Like to learn AND lead... :) Who should join? Who are YOU.... What do you bring to the table... ? What you won't find would be people with addictive dependent tendencies... They can't hang... Life is really not what we expect of others but what we expect from ourselves... it reflects in our lives. Pretty much every member is an ORGANIZER... We really do make each other stronger in support through participation/sharing.

No.. this is not a self-help group.... :)

Members can expect to find a lot of interesting opportunities to participate and get involved in some of their current interests while creating some new interests... Hard to expect members to participate in events when life has it's demands on our own personal lives... As we have seen other Organizers make personal sacrifices in their lives for the sake of the collective as it were... Hard to believe not EVERYONE will be able to dedicate their time to an interest or group... Till it is THEIR interest or group... Our listed sponsors bringing a wide variety of other interests to the table within our group.

My interests being music/dancing/technology...

Past events (2)

Rose Parade 2015- Mardi Gras in California

Colorado Blvd... Pasadena, Calif

Rose Parade 2015- Mardi Gras in California

Colorado Blvd... Pasadena, Calif


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