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To be honest, I am an office sort of guy, when I was hired for my last job the supervisor asked me if I minded working in an office rather than from a home office. I thought it a strange question since for me an office environment is what I naturally prefer.

This not to say I can not manage people and task remotely and I certainly am a fan of many of the technology tools that make remote working possible. Just for me ultimately it is about the environment and the face to face collaboration.

This has certainly become a much hotter issue of late. So I am wondering about others and what working environments work best for them and why.

Sometimes it is simply about the fact that was what the job was or was not. Although I would argue work environment or location is as critical to success as company culture and not everyone is cut out for each and every work environment option.

Some roles might not require face to face co-worker interaction but might there be a cost to that lack of interaction anyway?

On the other hand, remote workers enjoy flexibility, the ability work when others are commuting and the lack of face to face contact potentially increases communication.

Clearly there is no one answer and strong arguments on both sides of the fence. So join us as we explore where each of us works best and why.

As always, there is no better way to meet and connect with other executives then over dinner and conversation. $21 in advance via PayPal or $25 at the event gets you a full dinner, drink and the best networking around.