What we're about

About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs and executives in Downtown Los Angeles.

We come together to be with like-minded individuals who are interested in personal growth and self improvement.

Our ideal member is a person who want to improve their Mind, Body, Relationships and Habits.

Private Membership

Our founders have access to exclusive clubs & establishments. You can consider yourself a VIP once you're a member of the group

Strength in Numbers

We strive to offer group rates to various items including memberships, events and products.

Mindset Training

We have access to a complete training system including books, audio material, webinars, events, and relationship building. Through all of this we celebrate with one another when we achieve success.

Physical Performance

The mind is able to perform more efficiently when the body is in tune. We encourage physical activity, simple eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. The Paleo Diet, Group Exercise Classes and Outdoor activities are examples of how we work on the Body.

Mastermind Events

Together, we participate in activities that expand the mind, and allow for the opportunity to really get to know one another in a supportive environment. These events prove to be exciting experiences. Some activities we have planned include the Downtown LA Art Walk, Porsche Driving Experience, The Getty Museum, and The LA Philharmonic Orchestra.

Success Mentoring

We learn and teach through experience. Moving forward with the support of another group member who has knowledge through action is our practice. We have workshops, Goal Setting Sessions and Seminars.

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