What we're about

About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs and executives in Southern California.

We come together to be with like-minded individuals who are interested in personal growth and leadership development.

Our ideal member is a person who aspires to greater career goals and personal development.

Private Membership

Our founders have access to exclusive clubs & establishments. You can consider yourself a VIP once you're a member of the group

Strength in Numbers

We strive to offer group rates to various items including memberships, events, and products.

Mindset Training

We have access to a complete training system geared toward enhancing both personal and professional leadership skills.

Mastermind Events

Together, we participate in activities that expand the mind and allow for the opportunity to really get to know one another in a supportive environment. These events prove to be exciting experiences.

We have workshops and seminars that are meant to develop your Executive Presence, Relationship Building, Education, Corporate Politics, and Contribution to your company and others.

Success Mentoring

As we teach, we learn. Your experience with this group will provide you with mentorship where desired and allows you to mentor others if desired. Formal Mentorship and Sponsorship may be available to those who qualify.

Past events (7)

Local Impact Zone Power Brunch

Needs a location

EMG/GIN Los Angeles Winter Party 2015

The Los Angeles Athletic Club

365 Days to Abundant Health

The Los Angeles Athletic Club

Free Rebirth Jazz Band Concert

Santa Monica Pier

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