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Target Audience: Professionals, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs in Northern California who want to enhance their management and leadership capabilities, learn more and share their experience and lessons learned with others. The Executive Workshop is about helping you expand your leadership capacity through peer interaction and learning experiences.

We will meet in Sacramento area, Santa Clara area and SF Bay Area:

1- Showcase local leadership thought leaders in executive fireside chat interview formats
2- Deliver short impactful interactive management and leadership development workshops
3- Open channels for clients who may want to sign up for longer format workshops or 1/1 executive coaching, to sample these experts and coaches

When: Once a month, in downtown Sacramento, launch session is on June 21st; Location will be announced in a few days.

The Executive Workshop will also come to The Silicon Valley and SF Bay Area on different dates and these are in the works.

Cost: We may charge a nominal fee to cover venue cost and coffee; tbd.

Host: Ash Seddeek, bestselling author, speaker, executive coach and leadership facilitator

1- Attend: Want to sign up for the June 21st Session, register here: https://goo.gl/4C7AsP

Topic will be “How Leaders Create Meaning & Attract Followers”

I will lead the launch workshop and deliver an interactive workshop session on: “How Leaders Create Meaning & Attract Followers” based on my Amazon bestseller Meaning: http://amzn.to/2fQrZB1

2- Guest Recommendations: Want to recommend a guest executive (or yourself) for a fireside chat interview, let me know here: https://goo.gl/iWuryP

3- Facilitate a Workshop: Want to sign up for facilitating Sacramento Executive Workshop on a management/leadership topic, please let me know here: https://goo.gl/HGWCHh

4- Host us at your Office: Want to recommend a location for the event or want to host the event at your organization, have a large conference room that has capacity for 25-50 people, please let me know here: https://goo.gl/DtekKQ

5- Interested in being a sponsor for our events: Please email me at ash@connectwithash.com or call 9167537432 for sponsorship information. Those interested in hosting the event at times, please reach out as well.

In terms of web locations related to our focus areas:

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