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Executives with Impact is a volunteer club backed by alumni from Harvard, Wharton, Ivey and other Ivy League schools, with the vision to build a community of influencers and next generation leaders, who are making an impact in the world we live in, through entrepreneurship, corporate, social innovation and special projects.

Among us are CEOs, Partners, startup founders, executives and industry movers/shakers. We have combined experiences in Banking, consulting, real estate, technology, startup incubation, deal placement and management. We are all passionate about voluntarily giving back to the community in the form of voluntary mentoring, coaching, hosting events to share experiences and to inspire, connecting resources to achieve our mission, which is to help others pursue their dreams in the startup and corporate world. We have been running more than 20 speaking events and mixers in the past few years with 60-150 attendance per event, prior to us officially moving to the Meetup Platform. We look forward to meeting and helping more people.

We offer the following resources – all provided by industry influencers who are willing to volunteer their time and resources. All influencers are at management/executive level in the corporate world, or are the owner/CEO of their own private companies ranging from a few employees to a few thousand employees.

- Entrepreneurial and Corporate Speaker events

- Industry Mixers

- Mentoring and Coaching Program

- Interview/pitch clinic

- Volunteer/project/consulting opportunities

At the same time, we are always looking for people who are willing to volunteer in the following areas:

- Initiate special projects/events

- Sponsorship

- Cameraman/micro film producers/crew members

- Community relations

- School relations

- Social Media

- Marketing

- Publication

- Fund Raising

- Project

Also, we are also always looking for great ideas/projects to make the world a better place through special projects, social enterprise etc. So if you have a charitable cause you are passionate about, join us and together we will make the world a better place

If you are interested in actively helping to build this community, drop us an email at programs@executiveswithimpact.com, we'd love to hear from you!

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