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Let's get to sweating! Make some friends in the process?
Just a get together with some some calisthenics, stretching and a walk... I will bring water and fruit (TBD interest)... They have tennis courts and space, so gloves/balls, tennis racket/balls... Whatever will help motivate movement and sweat. Who's in?

Columbia Station VFW

25742 Royalton Road · Columbia Station, OH

Respond by: 10/21/2018

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Sometimes just moving around the house or yard can be just as fun as getting in the gym. Maybe your yard needs the final leaves raked and a bonfire and instead of paying a service, you buy the brats or steaks? If the grandparents used to play cards and have a "pot-luck", like my Grandma did, why cant we do the same with some music, movement and sweat??? This is a group that meets when the collective of the group wants to! Not at a bar, not at a venue that will hurt the pocket-book or wallet! A group that meets at a park for some fun and sweat and then? Or meets at a member's home to help with that job that will get us moving (think raking leaves or cleaning the garage)! Lot's to do out there for fun, like minded people that doesn't involve sitting at a bar waiting to go smoke the next cigarette. Let's get out and get some fresh air, burn some calories, make some friends, enjoy some laughter and leave with smiles! Do not think this is an abstinent group whatsoever! I enjoy a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary with brunch just as much as the next, but movement is the goal of our group. You can kill just as much boredom with a Frisbee or a pick up game of "adult" kickball as you can with a 6 pack of beer!

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