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Exeter Chocolate Tasters is a group for chocolate lovers who want to learn about the bean-to-bar chocolate movement, and taste a range of amazing bars by talented makers from around the world.

Events will include an introduction to how to taste fine chocolate, fine chocolate pairings, blind tasting practice, new makers, British makers, award-winning chocolate.

Set up and run by the founder of the Exeter Chocolate Festival, and certified chocolate taster Nicola Knight.

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Academy of Chocolate Award Winners

The Oddfellows


The results are in! Come along to our second Exeter Chocolate Tasters event, to taste some of the best single estate craft chocolate that the world has to offer! Since its foundation over a decade ago, the Academy of Chocolate has been at the forefront of the single estate craft chocolate revolution. With its annual Awards, the Academy of Chocolate aims to recognise and showcase great-tasting chocolate and its producers. The Academy's founders, and volunteers (including myself) who dedicated their time to judging this year's entries, have judged over 1,200 entries at the 2019 awards - a sharp rise from the 12 entries in the first Awards in 2005. The entries, made up of chocolate produced in more than 50 countries, included a significant increase in chocolate made by smaller producers - reflecting growing awareness of the origin, craft and sustainability of craft chocolate. Entries were received from chocolate-making producers in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, as well as newer producers from countries such as Thailand, Brazil, Vanuatu and Vietnam. I have carefully chosen a selection of diverse chocolate bars to represent the best that's out there. This session will include: A brief review how to taste fine chocolate, for those who haven't attended a tasting session before. The chance to try up to 6 award-winning bars (dark, milk and inclusion). Use of a flavour wheel to help identify key flavour notes.

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Introduction to Chocolate Tasting

The Oddfellows


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