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Is it necessary to think positively to feel better?
** Please note change of date and venue for this month ** It is not necessary to think positively to feel better. Does this surprise you? In a culture where we are taught that thinking positively is the way to get out of a ‘low’ mood or uncomfortable feeling, this may come as a bit of a shock. By knowing, insightfully, that feelings are being created by thought and that there is nothing else going on keeps things simple. It means that we don’t have to add thought to thought to effort ourselves into changing our mood. Thought changes on its own and our mood changes. You don’t need to think positively to change. Noticing that thinking is creating feeling is the answer. Please do come along to discuss your insights and hear more from Paola, myself and others in the group about how this understanding (of how our minds work) can have a profound, effortless, impact on your quality of life.

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Dean Clarke House · Exeter


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An open space to explore The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as realised by Mr Sydney Banks. We will deepen our understanding about how life really works!. We can discover the Truth of of our Innate mental health and wellbeing. This is a new paradigm in Psychology. The by product of this understanding can reveal our own natural ability to experience our own insights or light bulb moments which can be transformative and profound.

Deepening our understanding of the system, the innate Intelligence behind Life leads to more peace, happiness and well being, despite what is happening on the outside of us.

Anyone is welcome who wants to explore more deeply a new paradigm in psychology. We don't examine the past. No techniques. Profound and simple.

We run two meetups, one in person in Exeter and one virtual, please do contact us for more information.

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