What we're about

During our meetups, we will discuss many Spiritual topics; including but not limited to the Universe, Natural Law, spiritual principles, importance of vulnerability and authenticity, living a meaningful life, soul mates and spirit guides, mystery schools, ancient civilizations and technologies, esoteric schools of thought, avatars, sacred geometry and much more through open forum, informative lectures, guest speakers and workshops.

We are aware of a growing anxiety in our community and society as a whole. We feel inspired to create a space for individuals who share a yearning for more awareness and understanding of their internal and external world, so that all may find their way towards expanded consciousness, healing and enlightenment.

We, Kimberly and Nathan, are Twin Flames who have dedicated ourselves to service and community. Our commitment is to facilitate an environment that is free of judgment, labels and fear. Our purpose is to guide an authentic path paved with acceptance and love, while discussing spiritual tools to assist each individual on their journey of enlightenment.

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