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Golden Blue Meditations - NEW LOCATION
We are working with the Source = Soul Self, Mother/Father God, Spirit Guides of all kinds all of Love & Light. All are welcome at this class. However if you feel that you could benefit from an introductory class to help you familiarise yourself with basic terms/ideas/Meditation techniques that we use at this class then we have a special Beginners workshop that will put you right up to speed with the concepts at this regular Meditation classes. Beginners workshops run approximately monthly. Please see the Group events ( for details or contact me for further info (via Meetup messaging or e-mail at [masked]). About this Meditation class: Each class is 1 hour and comprises of a discussion and then approximately 40 mins Live Guided Meditation with gentle music playing in the background. During the Guided Meditation all lights are off, and usually 1 candle is left lit in the room. This is a perfect space and time for total relaxation and deep meditation, allowing you to let go and dive into the depths of Consciousness :) This class is held in a lovely, comfortable space, with some bean bags, cushions and blankets provided at the site. Tap water is available at the site, but please bring your own bottle of water if you can. Thank you! Day: Every 2 weeks on Friday Time: 7.30 - 8.30 p.m. Place: Yoga Meditation Healing Glasgow. 4 Lansdowne Crescent, Glasgow G20 6NQ. downstairs, basement level, buzzer Yoga Meditation Healing Exchange: £5 Loyalty scheme: 1 Meditation class free if you pay for a block up front. Block price: £35 for 8 classes (you get 1 free!). Note: this is a drop-in class but booking your space (payment or RSVP) is essential. Thank you for your understanding. Just to reiterate: If you have not had any contact or are not familiar with various terms (for instance Law of Attraction) do contact me at [masked] or via our website contact form: ( Looking forward to seeing you all! Much Love and many Blessings, Aga Sound Alchemist, Light Channel

Yoga Meditation Healing Glasgow

4 Lansdowne Crescent, Kelvinbridge · Glasgow

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What we're about

We believe that living from the Heart is what gives you a happier life and a higher vibe! We believe that growth is through enjoyment, through connecting with your Higher Self/Soul/Source/Universe/God (however you like to call it!).

Here at Expanding Consciousness all the events are Heart-centered.

Types of events: Joyful Retreats, Meditation sessions, Spiritual/personal growth coaching, Singing bowls sessions, Workshops. Ear candling combined with Spiritual healing and occasional Card readings and Healing sessions. All with guidance from Spirit as I (Aga) work with various Loving and Higher-vibrational energies of Light.

Please read our guidelines for RSVPing and attending events (scroll to the bottom of this intro).

We have a website , and we are also on social media (scroll down please), so you can keep up to date with our events and posts.

Read more about the group....

All of us on the Planet are ever-expanding ever-changing Beings - the Source expressed in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual form. Here on Earth (and possibly on many other planets at the same time!) our Soul (non-physical) is focused into this time and space through our body (physical vessel). At the moment possibilities for growing and learning are expanding at an unimaginable pace. Each of us is already whole and ever-growing and ever-changing, and we can learn and enjoy and share with each other - interactions with others is one big way to self growth :)

We meetup to meditate, chat, share experiences and knowledge, do exercise, dance, make drawings and paintings, have fun at a picnic, go for a walk in nature and have laughs!

We are all expressions of Source, Universal Intelligence, Universe, Mather/Father God, Eternal Energy (and anything else you personally believe and acknowledge) and so everything we do is Divine Expression!

Just Being yourself is already a wonderful contribution to this group! :)

Guidelines for RSVPing (which is to help us properly prepare for you to attend and have the best experience, so thank you for your cooperation!):

1. We're very happy for you to come to our events. Please RSVP "Yes" whenever you're coming so that it helps us organise for the number of Light Beings attending.

2. If you cannot make it please drop us a message and/or simply change your RSVP before the event.

3. Please make a payment (if required) BEFORE the event you are attending. This way we can focus more on the event itself, thank you!

4. Events within Glasgow: if not stated otherwise in the event description the event payment is non-refundable if you cancel/change your RSVP later than 1 day before the event's start.

5. Events outside of Glasgow: if not stated otherwise in the event description event payment is non-refundable if you cancel/change your RSVP later than 1 month before the event's start.

Last but not least we are on Facebook here:

Our website:


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