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Are you one of those people who says “I am not creative. I wish I had the ability to write, draw, paint sing or dance. But I just don’t have it in me”? Or maybe you are someone who used to be connected to your creativity and then found yourself blocked. Or the busyness of life “killed your creativity”. Or you have gone through a life tragedy or a loss and have not been able to connect with your creativity since. We are all creative beings. Creativity comes from our life force. It is an energy that can get blocked or become dormant when it's not nurtured.

I will be offering groups to help you to reconnect with your creativity. Or to connect with it fo the first time. I grew up in a home where creativity was not nurtured. In fact may have been discouraged. We were in survival mode. When you have to worry about where the next meal is coming there is no time for the "silliness of creativity"(at least that is what I was told). But I believe that it is our creativity that brings lightness and joy to our lives. When our creative juices are flowing there is an ease and flow to life.

Over the last few years (after participating in creativity group). I have connected with my own creativity (I was one of the people who always said “I’m just not creative!”). Since making a connection to my creativity amazing things have happened. I am writing a book, I have taken improv, and stand-up comedy classes, I not only started singing but recently performed a song I wrote in front of 200 people. I also began writing poetry.At the beginning of the year, I entered a writing contest and was awarded 2nd place. The most important thing that has come from all of this is my new found Zest for life and the incredible joy I have experienced!!

As I began opening up my creativity, I found a great deal of healing. After experiencing a personal loss I found that the use of creativity was an amazing way to heal. I also supported other grievers and began using these creativity excercises in this them. From my own experience and walking with others who were grieving I found that tapping into creativity helped me and them to not only move through the experience of grief but it also seem to expedite the healing process.

My goal is to help others in connecting or reconnecting with their creativity. I have learned to get out of my own way and to let the creative forces emerge through me. I want to support others in doing the same. Join me in exploring creativity. Whether you want to write, cook, paint, dance, sing, be more creative in your relationships or in your work this meet-up is for you. I will be having regular meetings to help you to re-connect or connect for the first time with your creativity. I will also be offering creativity and grief meetings to provide a place for people experiencing grief to come together to use their creativity as an avenue for healing. Join mean in these joy-filled experiences.

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