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For many people, negative or challenging situations trigger emotions which usually have a destructive impact on them to function in a normal manner. By focusing on a topic of Emotional Wellness at each meetup, supports people to understand, embrace and manage their Emotional Individuality - enabling people to flourish through living a healthy emotional life.

We want this to be a group for anyone interested in knowing how to apply in real life everything we read about emotional intelligence.

Since we've just launched we are still developing info about the group, rules, discussions, etc.

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Unlearning Self-Sabotaging Patterns of Thinking and Behaviour

We do a lot of things on automatic pilot without thinking or without questioning our ways or thought patterns. We draw conclusions without exploring them with an open mind and new perspective. It seems in most cases, somewhere through the course of growing up and as adults, we have been saturated with information and conditioning about life and how it should be - from our parents/ family/ friends/ colleagues/ teachers/ communities/ society at large, about who we are and where we should function from - what's right, what wrong, what's good, what's bad, what will lead to success, failure, laughter, happiness, health, love, etc. some consciously, but most subconsciously. Self-fulfilling prophecies - knew this (normally bad) would happen... and it does! Creating from the past (subconsciously) vs consciously creating forward. The thoughts and beliefs we have grown up with, brought and aligned with or reacted and resisted to, we automatically go back to the memory/triggering our subconscious mind and we react the same way as we perhaps did when we were 5, regardless of where we are now in life! Unless we change our patterns and behaviours cognitively, our subconscious will continue to run us, and therefore, sabotage our new pattern of thinking and behaviour. We have reserved the upstairs room at Teresa’s Place Café, so you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee… you might even want to have brunch or lunch. (Food and beverages are at attendees cost.) The Meetup is 11.00 to 12.30 but we have the room until 1.00pm for anyone who would like to stay and talk about the session. Cheers, Garth P.S. There is a small charge of $5 - please bring cash.

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Getting Unstuck from Negative Thoughts

Teresa's Place


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