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Expat Club organises tons of fun events and daytrips to introduce you to the best of Brussels, Belgium and beyond. Most of our members are in their 30's, 40's and 50's but older and (slightly) younger people are also welcome. We even welcome families for some of our events! Meet new friends and join the community that loves the same things that you do.

Visit http://www.expatclub.org for all our events and register for our weekly newsletter. At the same time, make sure to visit our Meetup page and change the Emails & Notifications settings in your own profile!


Membership rules - Expat Club® organises informal events. Yet, just like any other Meetup group there are some rules to observe.

1. By signing up you acknowledge being an expat or a Belgian living with an international background living in or near Brussels (e.g. have lived abroad, doing a lot of international business, avid traveller, foreign spouse etc). Fake profiles or people who are not a member for the right reasons will be deleted immediately.

2. You must RSVP when you joining our events. We have to know how many people will show up to make proper reservations. Equally important, you must change your RSVP status if you cannot make it anymore. No-shows are a real problem for us, and we keep track of your attendance history and may delete you from our list if you are a regular no-shower.

3. Respect other members. Further explanation is unnecessary, although you may want to know we have a (near) zero-tolerance policy.


Legal structure: Expat Club® is a service of Xross Global Group BVBA (VAT # BE 0501.838.210). All paid events and trips are organised by this company and all tickets are subject to Belgian VAT.

Expat Club - Xross Global Group BVBA
Office: Avenue Louise 279, 1000 Brussels
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Upcoming events (5+)

Yacht Sailing (over 30 people joining!)


SAILING TRIP - SUNDAY 21 JULY Join us tomorrow for a lovely sailing trip on the North Sea. We are going with about 35 people. How much fun! Choose your favourite boat, a small fast luxurious sailing yacht or a larger elegant two master. FINAL 2 SPOTS CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://expatclub.org/event/sailing-at-sea-june2019/ Or call Edgar for more information:[masked] ***

Stunning Switzerland Trip


FULL INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS ONLY ON: https://expatclub.org/event/stunning-switzerland/ Did you always want to visit Switzerland? To really explore major parts of the country? Expat Club organises a second epic trip to this beautiful Alpine land in 2019. We visit many historic Swiss villages and cities, drive through the most scenic regions, and enjoy the best panoramic views of the highest mountain tops. We stay in good 4* and 3* hotels, travel with a super-de-luxe bus and designed a great program for you with several optional visits. This will be a trip to never forget. Since the bus has only Royal Class seats, there are less spots available than our usual trips. FULL INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS ONLY ON: https://expatclub.org/event/stunning-switzerland/

Star & Meteor Gazing Ardennes (register ONLY on www.expatclub.org)

Observatoire Centre Ardenne

Please visit our official website for more information, pre-registrations or reservations: https://expatclub.org/event/star-meteor-gazing-ardennes-2/ It’s time for some serious stargazing! After several successful and fun visits to the Planetarium in Brussels and the Public Observatory in Grimbergen, we take things to the next level again. Join us on this trip to the Ardennes to enjoy the celestial spectacle together with a group of enthusiast expats. Summer evenings are always nice for watching the skies, but we choose this date because our Planet Earth is passing through the Perseids meteor field, resulting in countless shooting stars in the sky. On top of that we will enjoy a presentation in a special domed planetarium and we will be able to watch through several professional telescopes (e.g. to look at planets, nebulas and other celestial objects). And as a bonus we also offer you a complimentary BBQ! What a night!!! For this trip we maintain a good-weather guarantee. If it is too cloudy we will cancel the trip. But be aware we had to disappoint dozens of people in previous years because it was fully booked. Please visit our official website for more information, pre-registrations or reservations: https://expatclub.org/event/star-meteor-gazing-ardennes-2/

Mont Saint-Michel & Normandy (register ONLY on www.expatclub.org)

Please visit our official website for more information, pre-registrations or reservations: https://expatclub.org/event/mont-saint-michel-2019-august/ Why join on this specific trip? As usual, Expat Club only travels to Mont Saint-Michel when the high tide level is exceptionally high. This means the “island” will become an actual island again because it will be fully surrounded by water. This happens only a few times per year (5-6 times, including on winter weekdays late at night). We are lucky because on this Saturday evening the levels are extremely high. We have been there with high tide of just 10,00 meters (not interesting), 12,15 meters (much more interesting), 12,85 meters (definitely interesting, 13,25 meters (cool), 13,75 meters (awesome) but now it will be a whopping 14,60 METERS (INSANE)!!! This is almost the highest tide ever measured (15,00 meters) at the island. Visiting Mont Saint-Michel during such high tides makes it infinitely more special. This is namely the second highest tide in the world (after the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick / Nova Scotia). The incoming tidal wave alone is spectacular, because at certain points you simply cannot outrun it if you are on the dry sea bed, so fast. Therefore we hope we can welcome you on board our trip at the end of the summer holidays! *** Mont Saint-Michel is on the bucket list of many expats in Brussels. But since it is far away and without good public transportation connections, basically the only way to get there is by car. Therefore Expat Club is organising a convenient late summer holiday weekend trip by luxury coach from Brussels and with many really nice fellow expats. This allows you to relax, meet new friends and enjoy a fantastic program with special guided tours that you would not be able to arrange on your own. This trip will be mega special, because when we are there the high tide is “super high” with 14,60 meters and will make the island an actual island again, which happens only a few times per year (out of 2 x 365 high tides per year!). It’s truly magical to witness this spectacular natural phenomenon. Please visit our official website for more information, pre-registrations or reservations: https://expatclub.org/event/mont-saint-michel-2019-august/

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