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What we’re about

This meetup is intended for expats to meet and interact socially with fellow expats living in the vicinity around Rotterdam. Expats looking for relaxation, conversation, to share experiences and ideas for surviving and thriving in Rotterdam and The Netherlands.  Internationally minded Dutch people, particularly those who have been expats themselves, are welcome to join in.  

Our intention is not to exclude local Dutch people.  Dutch society is very open and tolerant.  However, this group's primary aim is to facilitating social interaction between those going through the process of cultural confrontation; to share their expat experiences. Many expats go through cultural confrontation as a combination of amazement and shock. Feelings of isolation can be commonplace. Simple things that locals take for granted amaze expats.  Those without the experience of living abroad for an extended period of time, have difficulty understanding the expats lifestyle. 
Not to be discourteous to those who have welcomed us to their city, locals are welcome up to the point that the group's goal is maintained.
1. Everyone is a host Be empathetic and welcoming to new members.  If someone is hesitant or standing alone, invite them into your conversation.  Remember we were all new here at some point.    Make at least 3 new acquaintances at each event.
2. Keep it social
Do not come for non-social purposes (such as promotion or selling products or services, market research, recruitment, etc).  This is disrespectful and rude. Expats come to these meetups for relaxation and social interaction, not a sales pitch.  Those perceived to be violating the intent of an event in this way will be asked to stop. If they persist they will be asked to leave and to not return. 
3. Have fun!!

Please read our FAQs: