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A warm welcome to Expat Republic The Hague!

Thanks for being part of the Expat Republic family (http://www.expatrepublic.com/)! With events running across The Netherlands you're bound to find some really cool folks you can connect with. We hold various events on a regular basis aimed at bringing people together and having good old fashion fun. Please let us know if you'd like to be an event host or organizer: http://www.expatrepublic.com/contact/

We're thrilled to have on our mailing list! We'll keep you in the loop with our latest news and helpful info regarding living and working in The Netherlands. I'm sure we'll have some fun stuff too.

Here is some great info relevant for expats and expat life in The Netherlands:

Don't forget to join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/expatrepublicthehague/), so you can meet other expats and ask questions to our community. you can also signup to our newsletter (https://www.expatrepublic.com/mailing-list/) where we feature loads of great info for expatriates and life in The Netherlands.


• List of Housing Resources (https://www.expatrepublic.com/resources-finding-house-room-netherlands/)

• Guide to setting up utilities in The Netherlands (https://www.expatrepublic.com/utilities-in-the-netherlands/?mc_cid=57772accf0&mc_eid=[UNIQID])

Banking & Finance

• Setting up a Dutch bank account in 5 minutes with no BSN (http://bit.ly/2VkoR29?mc_cid=57772accf0&mc_eid=[UNIQID])

• Transferring money from abroad (https://www.torfx.com/affiliate/register/?afflno=A061741&mc_cid=57772accf0&mc_eid=[UNIQID])

• Financial advice for Investments in The Netherlands (http://bit.ly/2Imm9ae?mc_cid=57772accf0&mc_eid=[UNIQID])

• Dutch Income Tax explained

• Everything you need to know about the 30% ruling (https://www.expatrepublic.com/30-ruling-netherlands/?mc_cid=57772accf0&mc_eid=[UNIQID])

Health & Bikes

• Guide to Buying a Bicycle in The Netherlands (https://www.expatrepublic.com/a-guide-to-buying-a-bicycle-in-the-netherlands/?mc_cid=57772accf0&mc_eid=[UNIQID])

• List of Dentists in The Netherlands (https://www.expatrepublic.com/dentist-in-the-netherlands/?mc_cid=57772accf0&mc_eid=[UNIQID])

See you,

Karim P.S. Dutch are most certainly welcome and encouraged!

Our Sponsor

Special thank you to Beacon Financial Education for being our meetup group sponsor. They provide a myriad of education and information regarding investments and financial matters. Please do checkout their website and book an appointment with a financial advisor (http://bit.ly/2Imm9ae)

If there's anything your missing please don't hesitate to let me know!



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