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• Dutch income tax calculator

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• Dutch Public Holidays (https://www.expatrepublic.com/dutch-holidays-key-dates/)

Healthcare & Health Insurance in The Netherlands

•Health insurance in The Netherlands (https://www.expatrepublic.com/guide-health-insurance-netherlands/)


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Upcoming events (4)

Executive MBA Programmes - Open Evening on Campus

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Maximise your leadership potential with a top-ranked, part-time Executive MBA in Rotterdam. Join the Open Evening on the RSM campus to learn more.

Develop your leadership skills as you focus on diversity, critical thinking, innovation and sustainability with an Executive MBA at RSM.

Take this opportunity to visit our campus in Rotterdam, and to experience what it’s like being a student in the MBA classroom.

Join this opening evening to:

-Learn about people from all over the world and experience what it’s like to be an MBA student in an RSM classroom.
-Meet senior staff who will provide you with more information on the unique characteristics of our school and the RSM experience.
-Find out more about our part-time Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA programmes.
- Hear from MBA students & alumni about their Executive MBA journey during a panel discussion.
- Join informal networking drinks with students, alumni, and RSM admissions staff.

Brandon Kirby: Director, Marketing, Sales & Admissions
Vasileios Zaravellas: Associate Director, Marketing, Sales & Admissions

When & Where
Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021
Time: 18:30-21:00
Where: Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University

FREE Registration: https://bit.ly/rsm-open-day

Retire in Style: Retirement Planning for Expats

Online event

When moving abroad you gain new perspectives, new experiences and, sometimes, a nice pay raise. The one thing you are not guaranteed is a comfortable retirement.

It’s no secret that being an expat poses various challenges to retirement planning and many expats struggle to prepare enough for their golden years.

With pensions systems across the globe weakening and the threat of a global retirement crisis looming, it’s more important now than ever to prepare yourself for the future.

Join us for this very special webinar on retirement planning for expats, where we teach you how you can retire in style!

In this webinar we’ll discuss:


Why Retirement Planning is Essential

The state of global retirement plans and pensions

Creating Retirement Goals

- Create clear financial targets based on personal objectives
- Accounting for inflation
- The 4% rule

How to Create a Retirement Plan

- How to calculate your current assets future value
- Understanding how much you’ll need to invest by retirement
- Calculating your current retirement shortfall
- Creating a plan to overcome your shortfall

Managing Your Retirement Plan

- Where do you invest; Pensions, Local investment Schemes or International platforms?
- Double taxation agreements.
- How to manage and merge multiple state and private pensions together
- When to get started and the value of time as an asset
- How to manage risk throughout the life of the retirement plan


19:30 – 21:00 – Luke Staden Presentation & Q&A

When & Where

When: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Time: 19:30 – 21:00 CEST (Dutch time)
Where: Online

FREE Registration

About the Speaker
Luke Staden is a licensed financial advisor with extensive experience in the Dutch, German and UK markets and has helped many expatriates plan their financial future. He is passionate about investing and even more so about helping internationals reach their financial goals & dreams!

Buying Your Own Home in the Netherlands

Online event

With rental prices being high, the home becoming more important than ever, and mortgages being easily accessible due to low-interest rates, now is a great time to consider buying your new home in the Netherlands. With this in mind, what else would you need to consider when buying your own home?

At the ‘Buying Your Own Home’ event we will share with you all you need to know about the process of purchasing a home. We will be discussing the following

- The advantages of buying vs. renting
- The process of buying a home
- Key players you’ll meet during the process
- Other Important things to know
- Timeline and costs

After the presentation which will take around 30-45 minutes there will be plenty of time for Q&A to help you with your questions. The following speakers will share their knowledge and insights with you, allowing you to take this information into account when considering buying a home.

Kimo Paula – Founder of Expat Housing Network & Buying Consultant.

Sezer Yilmaz – Founder of Mister Mortgage & Mortgage Specialist

When & Where

When: Thursday, November 4, 2021
Time: 10:30 – 12:00 CET
Where: Online


The Dutch Brainwash – 7 Day Intensive Course

Keizersgracht 8

The Dutch Brainwash is an intensive Dutch course in in the center of Amsterdam. It has a unique approach that is totally different from any other language course that you can think of. Thanks to a very special combination of powerful learning techniques and personal coaching, great results are possible within a very short time. Within 7 days you’ll notice how easy it is to speak about any subject that you like, in Dutch!

Bringing your Dutch to a whole new level, is relatively easy. But… you have to know how to do it. Mainly, it only works if you can see that Dutch is a logical, consistent and funny language. Don’t worry if you are not convinced of this yet. Step by step you can learn how to construct your own sentences, how to explode your vocabulary while thinking in pictures and which mindset you can use so that you can achieve your goals even faster…

When most people think about learning, they think about retaining loads and loads of information. But… if you think about it, it is not true! Speaking a language is also about feeling at ease and having confidence. Therefore, a positive experience is one of the most important things, something that is easily ignored by most people. And yes, you will also learn many other things:

- A better pronunciation
- How to construct sentences about any subject that you like
- How to explode your vocabulary within seconds
- What to do if Dutch people switch to English
- How to talk about situations that are weird and crazy
- How to sound intelligent in Dutch (with little effort from your part)
- How to understand much much more
- How Dutch humor works (so yes, you’ll learn some filthy things too
- How to think in Dutch, so that everything becomes easier!
- Long after the Dutch Brainwash is over, you progress will still continue!

Just for your information, your progress will not stop after 7 days. Here are some extras!

- One free eCourse The Psychology of Speaking Languages
- One free eCourse 30 Days To Change Your Dutch
- Free conversation classes (10 times a year)
- A secret Facebook group where you can practice your Dutch every day
- Access to new advanced programs that are only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates
- Access to personal coaching that is only available for Dutch Brainwash Graduates


When: Saturday, 20 November (The Dutch Brainwash last for 7 days)
Time: 10.00 – 16.45 (every day)
Place: Keizersgracht 8, Amsterdam

Price: €1495 (You can pay 3 x €500 before the start of the course). Price includes all training materials & loads of stroopwafels

Prospective students MUST register in advance: https://talencoach.nl/programs/brainwash/

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