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Meet to get Support from Other Expats
Join other expats who are finding their move to Singapore challenging.....and connect with others to gather support. • Are you feeling isolated? • Overwhelmed with work or family responsibilities? • Struggling to find your identity in your new homeland? Our group meets monthly over coffee and is welcoming, casual and friendly. Between 7-15 people attend each support group. The event is then open to members to share, if they wish, the challenges they may be feeling personally. As an internationally trained and accredited counsellor, I facilitate this discussion in a gentle and inclusive manner. My approach is solution focussed and positive. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you wish. Your participation can even be anonymous. Just let me know beforehand by emailing [masked]. We usually have at least a few laughs during the session. Some of the common feelings that participants report after the session are a sense of feeling "lighter", "happier", "less alone" and "more supported". I formed the group 3 years ago as part of my final studies for my Graduate Diploma of Counselling, and a need I perceived amongst the expat community. My own personal experience adjusting to life in Singapore, also indicated to me that, even with a positive attitude, adjusting to one’s new home can be challenging. If less than 5 people RSVP, the group will be cancelled as it requires at least 5 people to provide enough support for those attending. I encourage you to bring a friend if you wish. Please feel free to contact me beforehand if you would like more information [masked]. And if you are having trouble finding the event venue on the night please call[masked]

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