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Thanks for being part of the Expat Republic family (http://www.expatrepublic.com/)! With events running across The Netherlands you're bound to find some really cool folks you can connect with. We hold various events on a regular basis aimed at bringing people together and having good old fashion fun. Please let us know if you'd like to be an event host or organizer: http://www.expatrepublic.com/contact/

The point of our community is to help you meet and get to know locals in and around the city of Amsterdam.

Looking for Housing and Housing Resources

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Buying a Property in The Netherlands

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Setting up Utilities in The Netherlands

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Dutch Income Tax:

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Food & Leisure

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Some Fun things to do

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Basics of Investing Webinar


Death, taxes and the sun rising are, for the moment, the only things which are certain in life. One thing which is not certain is how wealthy or financially successful you will be in your lifetime. With housing prices, the aging population, and inflation on the rise the need to secure your future have never been greater. Come time to retirement, pension funds around the world will be under tremendous pressure and it’s very likely that they will be insufficient/unsubstantial to provide enough for your retirement. There are, however, lots of things you can do to ensure financial success and to build wealth for the future: namely investing. The problem is that many expatriates or internationals hesitate because they don’t know how or where to start and what to do. In this webinar, we will explore the basics of investing and how you can get started with investing or grow/reshape your portfolio. We will delve down into the following topics: The Basics: The investment mindset, why invest anyways? What makes up a portfolio? - What is a stock? - What is a bond? - What is a money market instrument? - What is a commodity? - Other forms of investments - Portfolio diversification and risk - What are the different strategies for investing? - What is a Mutual Fund? - What is an exchange-traded fund (ETF)? The challenges expatriates face when investing - Lack of knowledge of investing and the markets. - Multiple pensions, currencies, and cross border assets. - How to address these challenges. How to get started and where to go? - Where to go and how to invest - Online vs. Broker - Timing the market - How much should you invest and how often based on your needs Agenda - 19:00 – 20:00 – Luke Staden Presentation & Workshop - 20:00 – 20:30 – Q&A Session with Luke: 20:00 – 20:30 REGISTER Free: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/basics-of-investing-webinar-tickets-117253641799?aff=Netherlands About the Speaker Luke Staden is a licensed financial advisor with extensive experience in the Dutch, German and UK markets and has helped many expatriates plan their financial future. He is passionate about investing and even more so about helping internationals reach their financial goals & dreams!

Access MBA One-to-One Online Event


Go online and meet top MBA programs from around the world on the 26th of September Are you looking for the best way to grow your career as a business leader? This online event gives you the opportunity to explore MBA programs from wherever you are located around the world. What to expect from this online event? - Receive a personalized profile evaluation by our expert MBA consultants - Meet with the admissions directors of prestigious business schools such as: Rotterdam School of Management, University of Amsterdam, Maastricht, Imperial College, IE, IESE, Yale, Hult, Duke, IESE, IE, Nyenrode, Vlerick Business School, Skema, University of St. Gallen, Copenhagen BS, Thunderbird, Rice University-Jones, ESCP Europe, University of Tampa, and many more. - Access scholarships from over EUR 3 million in MBA funding opportunities - Get ready to meet leading international business schools online and have all your questions about your MBA journey answered on the go. WHERE: Access MBA Online Event Platform WHEN: September 26th TIME: 10:00 – 14:35 CET What makes the MBA degree valuable? The MBA study format is designed for business leaders who are ready to develop their international managerial career or wish to move to a different industry. Employers value the business fundamentals, problem-solving mindset, and adaptiveness that MBA participants acquire by the time they graduate. Take the first step by discussing your preferences for business schools and programs directly with admissions directors. The Access MBA online events are free of charge, but meeting slots are limited. Get started and sign up today: https://www.accessmba.com/link/FXP

Find the MBA Format That Fits Your Needs


Want to pursue an MBA but don’t know which format suits your needs best? During this 1-hour webinar, you will get an in-depth insight into the Full-time, Executive, and Online MBA. Hermina Kooyman, Manager Enrollment, and Career Services will help you understand the various formats, their advantages and helps you decide which one would be the best fit for you. The MBA program The MSM Master in Business Administration (MBA) is an experience in the essence of organizational leadership and entrepreneurial management in a fast-changing, multi-cultural, and global business environment. Our MBA takes a practice-oriented approach, focusing on putting your newly gained knowledge and skills into your daily professional and personal life. Immediately from the first course, you can apply what you have learned during the interactive lectures, practice-based assignments, work visits, and guest lectures (on-campus MBA programs). You round off your MBA degree with a final project, either an academic research paper, a business plan, or a business consultancy project. This will offer you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills directly to real business problems or issues which companies are facing today. When & Where When: 1 October 2020 Time: 6.30pm CEST Presenter: Hermina Kooyman, Manager Enrollment and Career Services During this 1-hour webinar, you will find out what MBA format will help you take the next step in your career. Topics that will be covered: - Welcome & Introduction - Information about the MSM MBA program - Differences and advantages of the Full-time MBA, Executive MBA and - Online MBA - Question time Interested? Click here to enter the registration page: http://bit.ly/MSM-October-2020 On this page click on the Register button at the bottom of the page. Important Once you have registered for the webinar, you will receive your log-in details from Cisco Webex. We advise you to check upfront if you are able to join the webinar without technical issues.

Renting in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


During this presentation, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the Amsterdam rental market. We will explain the headaches of this heated market and explain why Amsterdam appears to have a bad reputation. More importantly, we will guide you through the typical process of renting an apartment, what to look out for, and what to avoid, as well as top tips for finding your perfect home. Here is a sneak peek of what you’ll learn: - which parts of Amsterdam (and surrounding areas) are worth considering when looking for an apartment - how much you should expect to pay on a rental property - what to consider when starting a home search - what resources are available to help with your home search - what to think about before you sign a lease contract When & Where Date: Wednesday, 7 October 2020 Time: 18:30 – 19:30 CET Where: Webinar (Online) REGISTER Free: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/renting-in-the-amsterdam-metropolitan-area-webinar-tickets-115052465020

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Renting in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


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