What we're about

Meetup (expatriates in Paris) is one of our 11 communities. Our main community is over on facebook where we are approaching 24,000 members - come and join the conversations on https://www.facebook.com/groups/expatriatesinparis .

If you're interested becoming a meetup organiser for Expatriates in Paris - let us know! the more diverse events available the better! -

kknight (at) epsama.com

We also distribute a free publication in Paris called Expatriates Magazine to over 170 companies and embassies in Paris, if you'd like to receive copies let us know on http://www.paris.expatriatesmagazine.com/collection-and-distribution-points/ (http://paris.expatriatesmagazine.com/collection-and-distribution-points/)


See you at an event soon :)

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