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Snakker du norsk? (vi møtes ukentlig for å øve på norsk sammen)
Hei alle sammen! We'll continue with what all the hosts of this group have been working on and that's why we'll continue with these meetings every week with the goal of improving our skills in the Norwegian language. Both learners and native speakers are welcome to join us! We'll practice Norwegian and make new friends! See you on Friday! Vi ses på fredag! :)


Wergelandsveien 29 · OSLO

What we're about

Are you new in town and feeling lost and bemused? Or have you been here a while and are looking to inject a bit of randomness into your social life? Then join us!

We are a very diverse and interesting group and so far we have had all sorts of Meetups: dinner, ski lessons, concerts, cinema and, of course, drinks.

If you have any Meetup ideas yourself , you are very welcome to suggest them - just click on the "suggest a Meetup" button on the top of the main page. Likewise if you are at a lose end on a Saturday night - there might be someone else out there looking for someone to go out with.

We look forward to meeting you!

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