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Island on the Prairie Challenge - Portage La Prairie!
Join us for a fun Amazing Race style challenge around Portage La Prairie! We will aim for two teams, as Helen and I wanna beat each other lol. Some challenges maybe easy: make a paper airplane under their own plane on Crescent Lake or interact with strangers to build the biggest human pyramid. Selfies are a must, we need to share on FB as proof of completion of a challenge! Learn more about Portage la Prairie's landmarks, art, history and interact with its citizen's trying to complete the missions! Over 30 challenges to choose from, they all have “points” . They will take the top 20 entries in points and draw the winners from those. Challenges posted on their Facebook the morning of Friday Sept 28th Extra points for biking (5 extra points/challenge), or walking. 20 extra points per team member for team costumes. Exp MB will be partaking in the costume wearing :) When you RSVP for this meetup, you need to pay $12 by PayPal, which includes: $3 meetup fee $9.00 carpool fee $0 activity fee *We will refund your PayPal account ONLY if we cancel an event. Otherwise, we do not give refunds. You can however, sell your spot. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR RSVP TO NO. Comment that you are selling your spot. Explanations on how to sell/buy spots, fees, refunds, carpooling: Check out this link to learn more: The Plan: Teams pre-trip to discuss carpools, costumes and team names Friday: Carpool from our homes to Portage La Praire, do introductions, hand out lanyards, start the challenge Saturday: Continue the challenge 4:45 pm End up at Portage and District Art Centre 6:00 pm Carpool back to the city Please Bring: • Your Experience Manitoba lanyard (if you do not have one, you will be given one at this meetup) • Weather-appropriate clothing and footwear, including an extra layer • A water bottle • A camera (optional) • Money for lunch/souvenirs (optional) Experience Manitoba Waiver: Please read our disclaimer and waiver of liability here: By RSVPing “yes” for this event, you agree with and accept all statements in this disclaimer and waiver. By RSVPing “yes” for this event, you hereby for yourself, your heirs, executors, and administrators release and discharge Experience Manitoba, their organizers, directors, agents, volunteers, leaders, and participants from any and all lawsuits, actions, claims, or demands by reason of any damage, loss, injury, or death arising from your participation in Experience Manitoba events. By RSVPing “yes” for this event, you agree to accept responsibility for all risks and hazards you may encounter at this event, and you further agree to bear all costs of rescue or medical attention rendered to you personally arising from this event.

We will be arranging carpools to suit

R2M 3X9 · Winnipeg, MB


What we're about Experience Manitoba - and all it has to offer!
"Do something every day that scares you.” That is one of the timeless lyrics from the song Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann.

This group is for all women 18+ who want to get out and experience all the adventurous, different, beautiful, fun, crazy, and sometimes scary things our province has to offer.

About the Organizer Sandy, the founding member and organizer has been in Manitoba since 2006 and is a permanent tourist. Sandy immigrated to Canada from the UK, where she ran women’s groups for 15 years. Her Manitoba friends all ask her advice on where to go and what to do and Sandy even has a little tourist office in her home. Sandy started Experience Manitoba in 2010 to share her passion with other women. With the organisational assistance of Helen and event hosts, Helen, Shawna, Chris, Joanne, and Patti, Experience Manitoba is a thriving women’s outdoor adventure group!

About The Group

We aim to hold at least 4 meetups per month, and we encourage all of our members to try things they have never tried before! We support one another and treat each other with respect.
[b]Meetups can be:[/b]- Adventurous, like the ropes course and zip-lining- Nature-related, like hiking unusual trails and interpretive events- Educational, like kayak lessons or a working day at a farm- Wildlife related, like visiting the snake pits or bird watching- Cultural, like visiting a sweat lodge or a tour of a small town- Active, like rifle shooting, snow shoeing or cross country skiing- Weekend breaks, like ski trips, sleeping in an igloo, or camping trips- Giving, like volunteering for a Girl Guide camp or chopping Christmas trees down for women’s shelters- Crazy, like quadding or flying in a small plane
Our meet-ups are always friendly, supportive, and fun! (It’s all clean fun, except when we get REALLY muddy!)

How Experience Manitoba Works:

RSVPing to Meetups

When an event is published, you (as a member) will get sent an email asking if you would like to go. We use PayPal to collect our meetup fee ($3 per meetup), plus the activity fee (if any) and the carpool fee, so when you RSVP you will simply pay via PayPal. We usually limit most of our meetups to 12 attendees, but we can sometimes offer popular events multiple times to allow as many members as possible to participate.

Wait List:

For paid events, there is no longer a wait list, which means that you will need to check the event page daily to see if a spot becomes available. Write a comment on the event page if the event is full and you would like to attend. Don't forget to add another comment if you no longer need a spot.

For free events, If you are on the wait list you will automatically be slotted into attending if a spot comes up. Don't forget to change your RSVP to no if you no longer want a spot.


We care about our impact on the environment, and as such, we endeavour to carpool to events whenever possible. For the vast majority of events, we organize a carpool from the closest Tim Horton’s that is easily accessible by bus.

Based on the member survey and feedback from members, we changed how we organize carpools. We use PayPal to collect an integrated fee from all members attending the meetup. When you RSVP, you are asked questions about whether you’d like to drive or ride – please answer these questions in detail, as decisions are made based on your answers!

The organizer for the event will decide on the drivers based on the answers to the questions. We usually have more people wanting to drive than we need, so we cannot accommodate all who want to drive. We aim to have full vehicles (4 people per vehicle) wherever possible.

Within 48 hours of the event, carpool drivers will be reimbursed their portion of the collected carpool monies via PayPal. This reimbursement is based on the average fuel economy of female’s cars in Canada, the current gas price, and a per-km rate for wear-and-tear and maintenance. Our per-km reimbursement is in line with current government and industry reimbursement rates.

Not able to carpool? Members who are going to opt-out of the carpool and meet us at the event still have to pay into the carpool, but they will be reimbursed the carpool fee within 48 hours of the meetup, via PayPal.
These refunds will go to your PayPal account. It is up to you if you want to transfer it back into your bank account, or leave it in your PayPal account for later use. If you used PayPal through your credit card, Paypal will not refund to your credit card, so we cannot refund you through Paypal.

Wanting a ride to Tims or our meeting point?

If you would like a ride to Tim Horton’s or home from Tim Horton’s, you are welcome to make a comment on the meetup event page indicating that you would like a ride if anyone lives close to you. Please respect that members cannot always give you a ride, even if they live nearby, as they may have other commitments to get to, or other reasons why they cannot offer you a ride. If no one offers a ride, you may ask the group as a whole, but please refrain from asking individual members directly, as it has been known to cause members to feel like they are obligated to give you a ride, which can make people uncomfortable.

Carpooling within the city

Most of our events are outside the perimeter, so carpooling is not only fun but necessary. But for local events, for example, to carpool from Tim Hortons to Fort Whyte and back, the carpool fee is 30c. Most of the time we don’t have full car loads, in these local events, as some members meet us there so our Finance Officer was spending a lot of time refunding 30c for every local event we hold. So, if we are carpooling for only 15 minutes and the carpool fee works out to less than 50c per person, we do not charge carpool fees.Policy: No carpool fees for events within a 15-minute drive of the location.

Ideas for Meetups

We always welcome ideas for meetups. If it is feasible for the group, every consideration will be made to try and accommodate the idea. If you have any skills, knowledge, or expertise relating to outdoor adventures that you would like to share with the group, please let the leadership team know – we value your input!

Last Minute Changes to Events

Please check your email and the event page for any last minute changes before you leave the house that day. Unforeseen events are just that – we try to make every effort to not make any last minute changes, but it does happen. The event organizer’s cell number will be given to you when you answer the RSVP. These are to be used in an emergency - so store them in your phone, in case you get lost, re-routed) or your keys fall down the toilet when you are in Tim’s and can’t get to the meet-up (yes, this actually happened once).

Attendance Policy

Cancelling at the last minute or not showing up without letting someone know means that someone on the wait list doesn't get a chance to participate and the group waiting for someone to show. We have always discouraged this behaviour, and we now have a policy. You will be allowed 3 no-shows (not showing up, and not letting the organizer know before the start of the meetup) and then you will no longer be a member of the group. We do understand that “life happens” which is why we are setting the limit at 3 no-shows (some meetup groups have people leave the group after only one no-show). We expect that members contact the organizer through the meetup site or by text or phone call if they are unable to attend the event.

The $3 Meetup Fee

This $3 event fee covers the cost of using, using PayPal (approx. 33¢ per transaction, plus a percentage), Provincial Park passes, costs involved with our birthday parties and large gatherings, emergency kits for the group, lanyards, name tags, printing costs of maps/directions etc, and other group equipment.
We do not charge meet-up fees for free local events. This includes: Nordic walking on city trails Cycling/bike riding around the city …and any other event that is 3 hours or less (you get the idea) No event fees for events that are 3 hours or less.

Refunds / being unable to attend

We do not offer refunds, but if you find you are unable to attend a meetup, you may find someone on the waitlist to take your spot and arrange for them to pay you directly. We often have to pre-pay for events and/or guarantee a minimum attendance. [i]Example: Joan can no longer go, and the event is full, so she posts on the event page, "does anyone want to buy my spot?" Sarah says "I'd love to what's your Paypal email, so I can send you the payment?"Joan messages Sarah with her Paypal email address/posts on the event page her Paypal email address that money can be sent to. Sarah sends Joan her payment through Paypal.Joan lets the event host know that she has received the payment The Event host switches the two members attending.Sarah clicks @change your rsvp@ to answer the event questions and then enjoys a great event.


You will require a PayPal account to RSVP and pay for meetups – please use your bank card rather than your credit card. Visit and click on the “Personal” tab to find a wealth of information on how PayPal works, and how to set up and manage your account, if you don’t already have one. PayPal has a great video on how to set up and manage an account. You can click on this link to view the video: (
Please note we cannot give carpool payments or event refunds if you do not have a Paypal account and have only used a credit card to pay Paypal for events. Now let’s get experiencing Manitoba!

See you soon…

Sandy, Chris, Helen, Joanne, Shawna, Patti and Joy x

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