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“Turn your magic on” ladies! When women get together and get outside the magic just happens! EM offers the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and elevate each other in our chosen activities. Hike, cycle, paddle, camp or ski, ride a wagon or a dog sled, spend a few hours or a couple of days feeling your heart beating!! 

Click to hear the rhythm of or heartbeat  https://bit.ly/33SnDFy

Women are capable of extraordinary things. EM wants to continue building our own outdoor/ adventure community here at home.


Beth - Believes in making memories and loves all adventures on and off the water.

Kim - Self starter, motivated by community and thrives on her spiritual connections with nature.

Lana - a long term member of the group, always up for a new adventure and always ready to keep things fun!!

Sandy - started Experience Manitoba in 2010 to share her passion of the outdoors with other women and she remains a permanent fixture in our group!!


We aim to hold at least 1 meetup per month, and we encourage all of our members to try things they have never tried before! We support one another and treat each other with respect.

Our meetups are always friendly, supportive, and fun!

We always welcome ideas for meetups. If it is feasible for the group, every consideration will be made to try and accommodate the idea. If you have any skills, knowledge, or expertise relating to outdoor adventures that you would like to share with the group, please let the leadership team know – we value your input!


When an event is published, you (as a member) will receive an email announcing a new event. If you RSVP “yes” you will be directed to answer questions to help plan the event. It is important to answer all the questions, especially your phone number every time. Please note that your answers are only visible to you and the event hosts. 
After you answer the questions, you will be prompted to pay via PayPal. We use PayPal to collect our meetup fee ($3 per meetup), plus the activity fee (if any). Once you have registered, please check the event page to confirm that you are on attendee list. If you are not, please message the Event Host asap.
You will require a PayPal account to rsvp and pay for meetups.  As well, any refunds or reimbursements will go to your PayPal account. 
HOW TO SET UP AND MANAGE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT:  Visit https://www.PayPal.com/ca and click on the “Personal tab.”  Click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuheU6pnJTc 
HOW PAYPAL WORKS: :https://www.paypal.com/ca/for-you/account/how-paypal-works
This $3 event fee covers the cost of using meetup.com (app), using PayPal (approx. 33¢ per transaction, plus a percentage), and other basic overhead costs.   
Please check your email and the event page for any last-minute changes. Unforeseen events are just that – we try to make every effort to not make any last-minute changes, but it does happen. The event organizer’s cell number will be given to you when you answer the RSVP. to be used in an emergency - store them in your phone, in case you get lost, re-routed) or your keys fall down the toilet when you are in Tim’s and can’t get to the meet-up (yes, this actually happened once!)
Lateness: If you suspect there is a possibility of being late, please let the event host know.  Bus schedules and/ or travel delays happen and it is always better to be forewarned and then may need to  make a decision based on the activity of that day. 
Cancelations: Canceling at the last minute or not showing up means that someone doesn't get a chance to participate.  As well, the group is left hanging. We expect that members contact the Organizer through the meetup site, by text. or phone if they are unable to attend the event. We do understand that “life happens” so we do allow a maximum of 3 no-shows (i.e. not showing up and not letting the organizer know before the start of the meetup)
Policy: you will be allowed 3 no-shows after which you will no longer be a member of the group.
We usually limit our meetups to 8-15 attendees. Please remember to check the event for a spot.
We do not offer refunds unless we cancel an event. 
If you are unable to attend a meetup you have paid for, you may find another member to take your spot or cancel and forfeit the event fees. You will need to arrange for them to pay you directly. You can post a comment on the event page that you are selling your spot.
If you wish to attend a full event, keep watching the event page to see if a spot opens up. As well, you can leave a comment on the event page. (e.g.)  “I would like to buy a spot.”) If someone needs to sell her spot, she is able to comment on the event page inviting any member interested.  It is the organizers hope that she will contact the first member showing an interest.  It is the member’s responsibility to complete the transaction and then let the Event Host.  This ensures that the seller has the maximal potential to sell their spot.
1. Teresa can no longer go to an event she signed up for, so she comments on the event page, "Does anyone want to buy my spot?" 
2. Kate comments that she would like to buy the spot.
3. Kate makes arrangements to pay Teresa (by eTransfer, PayPal etc.)
4. Teresa lets the Event Host know that she has received the payment 
5. The Event host switches the two members.
6. Kate clicks "change your rsvp" to answer the event questions.
Due to the pandemic we are not encouraging carpooling right now.

Now let’s get experiencing Manitoba and Turn your magic on!
See you soon…
Beth, Kim, Lana and Sandy!

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