What we're about

Everything is frequency.

From the electrons that spin around the atoms that make up your cells, to your brainwaves and even your very thoughts.

Have you heard?

Science and ancient mysticism are coming together.

New technological advancements are now allowing us to record and measure vibrations and magnetic fields in the quantum universe that were described in ancient texts from various religions and belief systems.

What once was only perceivable by yogi or qi "masters" can now be made plain to anyone. Does "qi" really exist? The debate is almost over.

*This meetup is NOT about new surgical procedures or drugs.
*This is NOT a workshop to share about healing energy.
*This NOT EVEN a workshop about holistic ways to improve your health!

What is it then?

This is a workshop that will completely transform the way you think about healing.

This meetup is for you if...

*You have tried everything, absolutely everything! But still cannot find a solution for your pain or disease.
*You reached a plateau in your meditations or personal development and want to go beyond.
*You want to set yourself apart as a practitioner and effect people dramatically like you've never done before.
*You want to change yourself, then others and possibly the world.

Are you ready to transform your mind and body forever?

Then come join us on this amazing adventure into the future of healing...


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