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Experience Reiki Tummo & Open Heart Meditation
Please join us to experience Reiki Tummo & enjoy a relaxing evening. You will learn how to connect to your spiritual heart through Open Heart Meditation and receive a group Reiki Tummo healing. This meet up is FREE. There is no admission fee but we do ask you to RSVP since space is limited. BENEFITS OF OPEN HEART MEDITATION: Helps to relax & reduce stress. Connect & strengthen your heart. Clear negativities & emotional baggage to lighten your heart. Become heart centered & enjoy peace & joy from within. BENEFITS OF REIKI TUMMO Cleanse the body, chakras & energy channels. Heals physical, mental, emotional & other non-physical problems. Increases energy. Raises your awareness. MEETUP FORMAT Introductions - explanations of Reiki Tummo & Spiritual Heart. Heart strengthening techniques - group guiding. Open Heart Meditation. Group healing - Reiki Tummo.

415 Don Buck Road,

Massey · Auckland