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A Warm Welcome To All of You! :-)

This is an all-encompassing and experiential meeting looking at how our various schools of psychological training can help take you to a new level of personal development and consciousness. We will provide you with various rich materials and help you study and implement new and very effective techniques which will really help in adding essence to your life. These meetups can be used to enrich your life with new knowledge and meet wonderful people in the process, or essentially used to help with long-standing issues aiding in your personal development.

I urge you to be as authentic as you can be, both to yourself and others in the group. This need for authenticity is to allow you the opportunity and platform to grow on many levels, not only psychologically, but spiritually and emotionally too. Regardless of what you are searching for in life, this remarkable encounter with the group co-ordinators and the incredible individuals in the group will highlight this is where you are meant to be. The process will be very relaxed and informal however incredibly rich in content, providing you with a containing and life changing experience.

Who should join: Anyone looking for a life changing experiential workshop and meetings to assist in your personal development and growth.

Why you should join: Besides offering unique discussions with immensely interesting material, this is a platform where like-minded individuals can learn from one another in a safe and contained setting with the sole intentions of having fun and growing individually and collectively.

What can you expect from the group: There will be a variety of different workshops that will be delivered with a primary characteristic being the “experiential” quality the group offers. This can cover: stagnant thinking patterns, law of attraction, mindfulness, how we can use psychological and NLP techniques effectively, being better able to relate to our sex and sexuality, learning to master your erratic emotions, developing inner peace with a collaboration of psychological and mindfulness based practice… and MUCH MUCH MORE!

We look forward to meeting you and being-with you through this journey of discovery.

Our deepest and warmest wishes for you

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