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What we’re about

Jim and Sandy Young -Experiential Spirituality- Angel Talk TV, Go to to listen to our radio shows now syndicated in 132 cities and 12 countries.
Email or call 1-304-567-3354  Personal Readings Available-special $65 mention this site. (Reg $100 )
Jim and Sandy predicted the Covid19 crisis in June of 2019 to start in Jan 2020, they also predicted the Locust Plague that has all but destroyed the African Continent.
Founders of The TLLC Church - (see Church History Page) The Living Light Center, A Church of Faith and Healing. A 10,000 square foot church where eagles fly over head and the Mtn. Rocks are filled with native Petroglyphs. Go to
Over 10,000 professional readings since 1994.  Washington DC's Premier Radio and TV Psychics
~ Connecting The Planet, One Person, and one Community At A Time ~ Angel Talk has been such an integral part of our lives and sharing the beauty and wonder of the Angels within the Spiritual community will always be our first love :-)  Over the last two years we have been blessed to have been sponsored for our workshops through Starlights meetups and other wonderful venues in the metro area. .
Our goal is to maintain the spiritual unity and message that has long been the ideal of this meetup and continue to offer in the Northern VA. area at least one or more meetups per month.  
Sandy began her teaching and healing work with the healing center Telespectral in 1994. Jim and Sandy began their spiritual work together in 2000, and both left their careers in 2002 to pursue their spiritual work full time. 
Angel Talk was first aired with hosts Jim and Sandy in a live radio show broadcasting from DC. to over 5 states in 2003 and 2004.  Angel Talk moved to a television format in 2005 as Angel Talk's Changing Realities TV.
Guests on Angel Talk have included such notables as: Tom Kenyon (Magdalen Manuscript), Gregg Braden (The God Code), Dr. Michael Salla (Exo Politics), Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God) Steve Bassett (Paradigm UFO Conference) Steven Greer (UFO Researcher) Mary Thunder (Native American, Kills In The Fog (Native American Crow), TheDalai Lama, Joann Parks (Max The Crystal Skull), Virginia Essene (Author, Speaker) and many many more.
We have offered over the last several years through our workshops, gatherings and retreats many workshops, some of which are listed below:
Angels- Companions Along the Way
Heart Link to Ascension
The Mary Magdalene Mysteries Revealed
Shield of David and the Ark of the Covenant
Opening the Gates of Light
Angelic Messages Beyond the Veil
Connecting with your Galactic Angel
Angelic Living Light Alignment
Touch for Life-Muscle Kinesiology
Voice Analysis Class
Karuna Reiki
Building the Perfect Relationship on the Path of True Soul Mates
Spiritual Business Workshop
Land Balancing and Working with Nature Intelligences
Cetacean Empowerment and Chip Removal
Merkaba Meditation
'2012' The Coming Ascension
Language of the Body
P3 - Path, Purpose and Prosperity
The History and Cycles of the Planet
How to See Auras
Lemuria Rising
The Temple Secrets
Ancient Mystery School Teachings
Enhancing Your Psychic Ability
Dream Interpretation
Color Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Meditation through the Realms of Existence
Flower Essences
Atlantean Chants
Releasing Trapped Souls
Sacred Geometry
Native American Teachings
Medicine Wheel
Sacred Lemurian Sigils
Star Seed Connection
Sacred Symbols of the Ancient Bird Language
Connecting with the Angels
Galactic Codes and Symbols
Brain Gym-Balancing the Right and Left Sides of the Brain
Journeying through the Over Tones and Dimensions of Existence
Various Guided Meditations

Now offering Minister Ordination Workshops!
(see church history page)
We hope you will continue to support us and tell your friends.
With love and light in oneness
Jim and Sandy Young - organizers