What we're about

Experimentation Evenings is a regular event held in Manchester to talk about all things AB testing and experimentation.

The aim of the group is to share knowledge and up-skill through informal but engaging methods of experts, with a different topic every week.

• Panel of experts in an AMA style fashion

• Practical workshops from experts

• Show and tells


AB testing needs to advance away from button colours, theoretical evangelism and convoluted methodologies.

We need to move towards behavioural and cultural change within the organisations that we work. How do we convince those stakeholders about the benefits of experimentation? How do we scale our programs? How do we inject creativity into our AB tests? How do you measure the ROI of experimentation?

With so much (convoluted) theory out there, and the practical examples being more solution-orientated filled with (ahem) folly metrics, we want to bring it back to basics and learn by sharing what we do.

Rules of Experimentation Evenings:

• There's no right or wrong; just context

• There's always takeaways (both in terms of pizza and actions)

• Not bias, no selling, not promoting; just learning

• Practicality trumps theory

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