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ExpertTalks invites the software community to share ideas and inspiration, discuss issues, and learn from the successes and failures experienced on real case studies. We cover a variety of themes – from pure technology (programming languages, design, architecture) to product design (Lean, UX, UI), software methodologies (XP, Scrum, etc...) and more. As long as it's related to tech, we want to share it. Join us!

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Client Spotlight: Migrating from Monolith to Micro-Services. Rohan Berry, Big W

This Talk is the fourth of a series with Equal Experts' clients round the world. Big W is in Australia so it will take place at 2.30am CT. A link to the recording will be published in the Comments shortly after the Talk takes place ** Big W recognizes the need to be a digital-first business and sees online as a major contributor to growth. Their aim is to deliver software in a rapid, sustainable and automated fashion. Big W is going through a digital transformation from their current monolithic architecture to an event-driven microservices architecture. Equal Experts have been working with Big W for over a year now helping the team with this transformation while also building out features and products to improve the customer experience. Equal Experts are also engaged in delivering best practice agile methods and introducing new ways of working and delivery. This talk will focus on what Big W are trying to achieve in terms of delivery outcomes, how the architectural changes are supporting this and the experiences so far. SPEAKER: Rohan Berry Head of Digital IT, Big W Rohan is the Head of Digital IT within Big W and has been leading their technology transformation for the last couple of years. His team is responsible for the technology that enables the Big W online customer experience and all the supporting processes to deliver on the promise. This includes demand generation, content management, conversion of orders, fulfillment of orders and the associated customer service

From CtO to CTO: How to capitalise on your role as a leader of your organisation

This Talk, the fourth in our Client Spotlight series, is with Mike Potter, CTO at Thames Water. ** From Cto to CTO - what does that mean??? Intrigued? This will be a challenging presentation from a highly experienced strategist who is currently leading an extensive programme of change at Thames Water. Come and hear what he has to say - and, if you want, have your own say. **** SPEAKER: Mike Potter, CTO, Thames Water Mike is a Board level executive with a track record in Chief Digital Officer and Transformation leadership roles. He has a proven ability to drive growth, innovation and performance turnaround across complex public-sector organisations and international retail, energy and manufacturing businesses. He develops and executes digital strategies and builds technology-enabled models that enable organisations to respond to rapidly shifting markets, commercial opportunities and regulatory challenges. He combines commercial acumen and digital expertise with stakeholder engagement skills to improve productivity, open up revenue streams and optimise user experience. ** A link to the recording of this Talk will be placed in the Comments shortly after it takes place

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