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Want More Leads? Use This Strategy: Get Expert Authority Attention™

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Why you don't want to miss out:

• World Class Training to get immediate ROI on your investment and time - I will be sharing my best of the best material reserved only for my 8-Week Application Only Masterclass and Private 1 on 1 Clients that they pay 5K-10K to learn so they can implement in their business.

• Professional Networking - This is NOT a free event, and while I'm making this open to the business community, it is not designed for those who just want to show up and solely don't care about anyone but themselves to pass out (not just business cards like normal) but literature that is reminiscent of your cars owner manual, this isn't designed for you to "Spray and Pray" my network. If you do plan on starting off with "Hi, Hello, or How are You" and a Smile :) than you've found home.

I have written the curriculum for movers & shakers that are already at the top of the mountain and want to go from the Summit, past the clouds

CEO Mindset Caveat If you are brand to biz, and truly wholeheartedly know you're the best and going to succeed, welcome, this isn't about how long you've been in business as business mindset, be respectful of everyone around you, we've all had up's and downs to get where we are. If you got started this afternoon and want to hit the ground running, I'll see you tonight, but "Act as if" blend in as if you've had the company a decade, I'm blessed to say now I have, however, I remember starting off from day 1...but I didn't advertise or act like it, if you're still reading you're probably the right fit, there is plenty of the rest to have scared you off already if you don't have the self-image or maturity to understand this. Welcome :)

• 5 Star Food --- It's no coincidence I'm having this at my club with a full bar and Executive chef, the food and drinks are so good alone it's worth the investment of admission (by design also)

• Open Bar 6pm-8pm:)

(Drinks both Non & Alcoholic will be available at any point in time, however I don't support, suggest or encourage driving impaired and want to discourage getting "a few for the road" which some are tempted to do when its open so you're welcome in advance for making it easy for you to do the right thing and focus on why you're here to get results and ROI for your company

• Professional Photography --- Shine like the star you are online with your email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube, and offline with high-quality photos for your printed material. I am always telling my classes and audiences about leverage and time compounding, "What is the highest and best use of your time" ...Being here tonight is for a myriad of reasons, this is just another one of them

2000 Town Center Suite #2800 · Southfield, MI
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