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Special Guest: Clarke Ching - who moved my bottleneck?

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With this being our first Expert Talks in New Zealand we think it is only right to start with a bang. As such our first expert talk will be given by the fantastic Clarke Ching.

Who moved my bottleneck?

In this talk international best selling author Clarke Ching will show you how to overcome the #1 and #2 blockers hobbling most Agile teams. They cause delays, force rework, and trap enormous amounts of business value inside your customer's backlogs. Both blockers live outside IT - #1 is diluted Product Ownership and #2 is C-level skepticism - and many teams give up trying to overcome them, and focus on being efficient not effective.

Clarke will share three startling insights that help you "sell agile" while barely needing to mention agile. One insight is that a lot of our colleagues in "the business" buy in to the gist of Agile, but don't like it because it makes their life harder. Clarke will show you how to stop pushing "your" Agile solutions and instead solve your Product Owners' and their bosses' problems.

About The Speaker

Clarke Ching is the author of "Rolling Rocks Downhill - The Agile Novel that never mentions Agile" and the bestseller, "The Bottleneck Rules" (recently featured in The Guardian newspaper and The Spectator magazine). He's been powered by Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints and Lean for over 20 years, and Agile since 2003. In his day job, Clarke helps businesses use Agile to make more money.