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Functional programming with React & Ramda JS

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React embodies declarative and functional programming in its architecture and we can use it together with Ramda to write very declarative/concise/readable code. Some basic stuff in FP like currying and point free programming can go a long way in making our existing code simpler and maintainable.

Varenya Thyagaraj ( would be driving us through:
- What is functional programming?
- Why do we need functional programming?
- What is Ramda and how does it help with FP?
- How React and Ramda can help us write declarative and stable code?


Q - Who should attend ?

A - Anyone familiar with React and Functional programming in general.

Q - What's in it for me?

A - At the end of the session, you will be able to know about functional programming, Ramda and how easy it is to do FP with Ramda/React.

Please do join us for this exciting session and we look forward to welcoming you!!!

Coffee and snacks on Equal Experts!!