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Introduction to Jenkins X

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What is it all about ?
Jenkins X ( is a CI/CD solution for modern cloud applications on Kubernetes. This solution helps developers be more effective from the day one by giving all the right bells and whistles. Jenkins X might be the right tool for getting started with Kubernetes, Container world along with microservices.

Talk will cover:
Why do we need a solution like Jenkins X
Setting up Jenkins X
Create Kubernetes cluster with automated Staging, Production Environments with CI/CD pipelines
Automated Ephemeral environments
How Jenkins X helps developer to be effective

Who should attend ?
If you are part of team which is planning to move to Kubernetes or a Microservices architecture, then this talk might help you to get started.

Do I need know kubernetes ?

Basic knowledge of how containers work should do, however we will start the talk with a brief introduction to kubernetes. So even if you are new to the Kubernetes world please do attend.

About the Speakers:

Anant Pal has been coding since 2010. He has worked on building applications for various domains such as finance, publishing, travel, retail and human resources. He currently is a Software Engineer at Equal Experts.

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Faithlin Paul is has been coding since 2004. He has worked in different roles as Software Craftsman, Consultant and Coach for clients across Healthcare, Retail, Advertising, Government and Finance domains. He is currently a Devops Consultant with Equal Experts.

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Please do join us for this exciting session and we look forward to welcoming you!!!

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