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Equal Experts is a global network of technology shapers. Engaging 3,000 consultants across 5 continents, we help create leading digital products and services. We decide with data, design for users, deliver at pace and scale sustainably.

We only engage senior consultants. In years of experience, our people have twice the industry average. Low-ego and curious, they share knowledge with your teams and across our network.

What is Expert Talks?

Expert Talks provides thought leadership from the Equal Experts network on a variety of technology-based themes. These structured talks allow consultants and customers to talk about their experiences, ideas and inspiration. Whether you’re a technologist working in a similar environment, or a tech leader wanting to gain deeper understanding, it provides topics around data, product design, software delivery, and scaling teams.

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How to test IaC at scale. Is automation the answer for platform engineers?

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How can platform engineers effectively test Infrastructure as Code (IaC) at scale?
In this talk you’ll discover which IaC testing techniques work, and which don’t, based on our experience at a large government department.

Platform teams often provide capabilities to a large number of other teams. Dealing with infrastructure which is so critical to so many can lead to a fear of change. We'll address this by looking at some techniques we used at a large government department to:

  1. Make changes with confidence
  2. Improve engineer experience
  3. Formalise our contract with our customers

Building and managing infrastructure always requires a healthy dose of pragmatism; we will showcase the pitfalls and trade-offs engineers need to make each day. This will help you have confidence in expanding and improving the services you offer, and avoid getting stuck with overly complex, slow, or brittle testing.

Nick Williams
Lead Consultant, Equal Experts.

This talk will be recorded and a link to the video will be added in the Comments shortly after the event.

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