Using Machine Learning for amazing e-commerce search

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Have you ever wondered just how websites are so good at showing you exactly the products you want to buy, almost as soon as you start to type?

In this introductory technical talk, data scientist and EqualExperts associate consultant Thorben Louw shows how you can combine the power of a traditional search engine like ElasticSearch with simple Machine Learning techniques to blow your customers' minds and really impact sales.

Get an overview of how search engines have traditionally worked, and why search is so naturally placed to benefit from advances in machine learning. See how ML can help a search engine deeply understand e-commerce product data, figure out what customers are searching for, and how a technique called Learning To Rank lets you use implicit user feedback to automatically tune search results and make the best results appear where you want them.

See you all soon for this exciting talk!

(We are hoping to schedule the Blockchain talk later on in the year).