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Equal Experts is an award-winning agile consultancy, specialising in simple software solutions for big business challenges. We use highly productive working methods to deliver innovative software for a wide range of private and public-sector clients.

Our respectful, grown-up approach to development delivers work that our teams and our clients can both be proud of – and it’s helped us to be recognised on Glassdoor (https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/Equal-Experts-Reviews-E517343.htm) as an exceptional place to work.

ExpertTalks invites the software community to share ideas and inspiration, discuss issues, and learn from the successes and failures experienced on real case studies. We cover a variety of themes – from pure technology (programming languages, design, architecture) to product design (Lean, UX, UI), software methodologies (XP, Scrum, etc...) and more. As long as it's related to tech, we want to share it. Join us!

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Summer Series: Your Digital Transformation isn’t Digital or Transformation....

"Your Digital Transformation isn’t Digital or Transformation.... and will probably fail" Using a range of real-life examples, this Expert Talk will explore the following ideas and questions: Not all change is transformation – and too much change, too quickly, is a recipe for failure not success. Digital is a means, not an end – Successful strategies are built around solving valuable problems that differentiate you in the market. Most transformations fail – Why? People are too busy and too scared of the unknown to readily accept the new. Many organisations make the mistake of emphasising the size of the transformation, to bounce colleagues out of a rut. This tends to mean failure through resistance. Why are people so busy and resistant to change? In this age of amazing technological advancements at work, incredible efficiencies have been made possible. Why aren’t we working 15 hour weeks? SPEAKER: David Cox. Transformation Manager at Equal Experts David started out as a market researcher in the Publishing industry. He has since worked in B2B and B2C environments, with experience across Europe, the US and Australia. In his role as Digital Products Director, he led a multi-million pound agile transformation at a FTSE 100 company with over 300 years of history, helping introduce new ways of working, and successfully migrating complex legacy systems with multiple dependencies. As Director of Transformation at Informa, he recently helped enable a culture of experimentation across all levels of the organisation in the US and UK. This included new approaches to the use of data in decision-making, product strategy, and optimising the organisation’s design. As Transformation Manager, he advises public and private clients, cross-pollinating ideas to help them transform successfully according to their unique situation.

Summer Series: Software development practices & Infrastructure as Code..

Software development practices & Infrastructure as Code - how well do they work together? Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has rapidly become a key part of cloud native engineering. The hard gained experience from writing software can be applied to infrastructure, but fundamental differences means some fundamental approached need to be reconsidered. This talk will explore the implications for test driven development and build pipelines applied to IaC. ** SPEAKER: Jon Barber Engineer - Equal Experts Jon has been paid to write software for over 30 years, and has spent most of his time recently in the platform engineering space. He’s a keen advocate of XP values and practices, and sees himself more as an engineer than craftsman.

Summer Series: Refactor vs. Rewrite

Online event

Companies face change everyday. Perhaps a product offering is fundamentally shifting. Or perhaps technical debt has built up to a point that development speed has been crippled. To Refactor or Rewrite a codebase is a decision frequently agonized over by teams and businesses. The journey taken really goes beyond a single decision and involves a wide arching strategy. Join us to learn different approaches in shaping this strategy. SPEAKER: Julie Yaunches - Technical Principal at Equal Experts US Julie has worked as an engineer, team lead and mobile engineering strategist across a wide range of industries. She's guided several companies and teams through the decision of whether to refactor or rewrite a codebase. In this talk, she will share insights and perhaps a path you can use when your team is facing such a choice.

Summer Series: So you want to Onboard a DevOps Practitioner

Everyone seems to be so concerned with recruiting DevOps practitioners but I feel the process of on-boarding them and giving them the right environment to succeed is still a hit and miss affair, especially in busy organisations. This talk is about ways that you can bootstrap your environments for success and attract and retain people to work on them. SPEAKER: Martin Jackson. DevOps Consultant for Equal Experts

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Summer Series: This Machine Learning Business

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