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Breaking Down Your Build: Architectural Patterns For A More Efficient Pipeline

Do you find constantly rebuilding things that don’t need rebuilding? If yes, this talk is for you. The way your codebase is structured impacts what you need to rebuild after each commit, therefore, the codebase needs to be re-architectured with the build pipeline in mind. Sometimes you’ll have many responsibilities packed in one module, so you rebuild all of them every time you change one. Or maybe you have a multi-tiered application and adding a feature implies modifying (and rebuilding) all tiers, with cascading effects. In this talk we’ll go over scenarios like this and others, showing how the code can be rewritten in a way that minimises unnecessary rebuilds.

Abraham Marin-Perez | Equal Experts

The Equal Experts Space Agency (EESA)

Equal Experts is a fast-growing network of experienced software consultants. Not content with expanding internationally over the last few years, in 2017 we decided to head into the stratosphere with the launch of EESA, the Equal Experts Space Agency. EESA was set up to support Technical Architect Tim Squires and Engagement Manager Nick Porthouse in their attempt to break a Guinness World Record - achieving the highest ever release of an autonomous UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), by releasing a craft from a balloon at very high altitude.

Join us to find out how the idea came about and what progress they’ve made so far.

Tim Squires & Nick Porthouse | Equal Experts